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Nathalie Evans

Nathalie Evans

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Wimbledon Driving School have the right mix of personal skills and technical expertise to enable a first time pass. To get a first time pass like Nathalie Evans (pictured above) you need an instructor who has the correct mix of skills to get the best out of you. Anything else and you are unlikely to achieve your objective of a first time pass.  Nathalie passed at her first attempt at Morden Test Centre on Wednesday 2nd October.  Her tutor Lesley Mills was able to give her the best and most current advice on driving bearing in mind the changes in recent car technology and traffic law. But almost more importantly Lesley knew when a comforting word might help or when a more serious tone created the better result. Wimbledon Driving School are very proud of all we have achieved in the past and thousands of people have graduated our programmes with full licenses but we do not wish to rest on our laurels. We realise you are only as good as your last test result. What we are most proud of however is our instructors who know not just what a driving fault is and how to correct it but also how to adapt their teaching techniques and moderate their temperament to maximise learning and make sure our lessons are enjoyable as well as educational.

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