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3 Reasons Why Hazard Perception Tests Are So Important

Each year, 3500 people are killed on the UK’s roads. New drivers are involved in up to 1 in 7 vehicle accidents causing injury or fatalities. For this reason, the Government introduced the Hazard Perception Test as part of the UK driving test in the belief that it would help to reduce the amount of road deaths and injuries occurring each year.

Here we look at 3 reasons why the Hazard Perception Test is such an important consideration for learner drivers.

1. Anticipation and Awareness

Hazards exist on every road whether it is situated in a busy urban area or in the heart of the countryside. An experienced driver will be better able to anticipate these hazards than somebody that has just passed their test and studies have shown it could take a new driver 2 seconds longer to identify a hazard. Good awareness and perception comes with time, but the Hazard Perception Test goes a long way in preparing drivers for the dangers they may experience when they are out on the road.

2. Understanding High Risk Situations

Hazards are very often unexpected and could crop up on the way to work, on the school run or on the way to a holiday destination. In fact, a large percentage of road accidents occur less than a mile away from home. Drivers are often in their comfort zone on the roads near where they live and this can mean awareness levels plummet.

The Hazard Perception Test helps learner drivers to understand that risks occur on every road and when they are least expected.

3. Essential Life Skills and Road Knowledge

Learning to drive is a craft that improves with time. The Hazard Perception Test does not include every hazard drivers will face during their lifetime of driving, but it certainly offers an insight into the hazards that may be faced along the way. The Hazard Perception Test is delivered in video format and offers an interactive way of testing knowledge and skills.

The format of the test is easy to understand and because of its memorable imagery, candidates will be more likely to remember the hazards they have identified and to apply this knowledge in the real world.

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