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3 Tips For Choosing The Right Driving Instructor

Learning to drive is incredibly exciting, however, it can also seem a nightmare to get behind the wheel for the first time. With enthusiasm often outstripping patience in a learner driver, it’s very important to find the right driving instructor, so here are three top tips for choosing the right person to get you up to speed.

1. Look for a strong pass rate and good reviews. Ask around for recommendations: a good instructor will have loyal customers who’ll happily pass their details on. Learning to drive will take several months, preferably with a double lesson a week, so that’s quite a lot of time to spend in a car with someone, so it should be someone who’s not only skilled at their job but also easy to get along with.

This, coupled with proven results in their teaching methods, is a recipe for success.

2. Check the price is competitive. This isn’t just about finding the cheapest service, it’s about finding the best value for money. Driving lessons are for learning a valuable life skill and the price reflects that. Compare local companies’ hourly rates and look as well at other benefits: an instructor’s flexibility with evening or early morning lessons for example is invaluable.

3. Find out what type of vehicle the instructor has. This may not seem important but it can be helpful to learn in a car similar to the one that’ll be driven once the L plates have been ditched. Something reliable and safe will put a learner’s nerves at ease and give them confidence that will put them in good stead for any future vehicle.

This is particularly important for learners with additional needs who may require an adjustable seat or steering wheel. Because with a good car and a great instructor, learning to drive stops being a nightmare and starts being a dream!

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