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5 Tips For Learner Drivers

Whether you’re seventeen or seventy-seven, learning to drive is never an easy task. Being taught how to manoeuvre a vehicle whilst simultaneously taking in the rules of the road can be confusing, and being bombarded with so much information all at once can make things difficult to remember.

There are also the initial nerves of sitting behind the wheel for the very first time, and being under such pressure isn’t exactly conducive to learning. Nevertheless, learning to drive can be an incredibly rewarding experience, and we’ve compiled a list of five tips to help you get ready to take your test and get rid of your L-plates once and for all.

Find a good instructor:
A good instructor should put your mind at ease, be patient, and explain things in a clear and concise manner. If you aren’t happy with your current instructor, don’t be afraid to change.

Practice clutch control:
When you first begin learning to drive, gaining clutch control will undoubtedly give you a confidence boost when it comes to controlling the vehicle. Hill starts are an effective means of learning about clutch control. Ask your instructor to teach you the specifics.

Be honest with yourself:
If you aren’t 100% certain about something, be honest and tell your instructor that you’d like to go over it again. It’s pointless spending money on driving lessons only to not gain enough skills, knowledge and confidence to be able to take your test.

Practise with family and friends:
When taking driving lessons, it’s easy to forget what you’d learned the week previously. If you’re confident enough, and have family or friends willing to let you, try practising in their car whilst they sit in with you (provided you are insured to). Not only will this give you more time behind the wheel, it will also accustom you to driving different types of car.

Don’t rush into things:
Try not to feel under pressure to take your test too soon. You might feel like learning to drive is taking a long time or costing too much money, but just remember – it’s a marathon, not a sprint, and taking your test too soon can lead to disappointment. Take things at your own pace.

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