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5 Top Tips To Driving In Streatham

5 Top Tips To Driving In Streatham

Five top tips to driving in Streatham

Even with the tube, a great bus network, and all those Boris bikes, sometimes you’d rather just get in your car and drive through Streatham. Or sometimes you might need to get somewhere which means using every single form of transport available for a journey which would only take 10-minutes by car.

Driving is just so much more enjoyable than public transport.

Why? You only share your car with people you want to, that armpit-in-your-face scenario in rush hour on the tube won’t have to be endured, and you are in charge of whether you leave on time. What’s more, you choose your own music to listen to, you won’t have to stand for part or all of the journey, and you can make a spontaneous detour if you fancy.

For all those times when you just want to get in your car, here are our top five tips for driving in Streatham

1. Plan your journey

If you don’t know Streatham well, or if you’ve just moved to the area, take time to plan your journey ahead.

2. Use Google maps

If you haven’t got a Sat Nav or if you’re not wholly trusting of yours, take time to look at Google Maps. It’s a great way to familiarise yourself with landmarks than can help plot your journey, and if you use ‘street view’ you’ll be able to see what your destination looks like and any hazards that may present themselves along the way.

3. Don’t rely on your Sat Nav

Sat Navs can be great – but some can be useless. What’s more, if there are road works on your route, it won’t know about them. So don’t rely on your Sat Nav completely. Driving in Streatham involves paying attention to the roads, not just mindlessly following the commands of your Sat Nav.

4. Be confident

Driving in any part of London can be tricky: the roads are busy, there are – what seems like – a million different lanes to choose from, and you’ve got to watch out for pedestrians here there and everywhere too. Like any part of a major town, Streatham is no different, and is best tackled by a confident driver. By confident we don’t mean arrogant – we just mean, know where you want to go, be alert, and be on the ball.

5. Travel with a passenger

Even if your passenger doesn’t know Streatham they can still be helpful when it comes to looking for signs, seeing if you’ve got space to move in to a lane, and they can jump out and help when you’re trying to squeeze into a parking bay. All in all, making the whole driving experience much more enjoyable experience all round.

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