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Guide To The ADI Standards Check

The approved driving instructor ADI Standards Check has been put into place to assess a driving instructor on their ability to teach pupils.

The approved driving instructor (ADI) Standards Check has been put into place to assess a driving instructor on their ability to teach pupils.

This includes making sure the driving instructor has the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to deliver a driver training programme. You must meet all the legal requirements required before you can deliver any driver training.

The car you use for the training must also be:

  • Safe, reliable, roadworthy and have a valid MOT certificate or under 3 years old
  • The car must have working seat belts fitted on the rear seats
  • If your pupil is a learner, the car must have L plates fitted

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency will inform you of when your standards check is and where to go. You will need to take the following documents to your ADI Standards Check:

  • The car used must meet the listed requirements (see above)
  • A driving instructor registration certificate that has been approved
  • A pupil (this can be either a learner or a full licence holder, but not a driver already registered with the ADI)

During the standards check you will give your pupil an hours driving lesson whilst being watched by an examiner from the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency. The examiner will need to witness evidence that the National standard for driver and rider training have been met. He will mark you on 17 areas of competence during the test, which are grouped into 3 sections:

  • Lesson planning
  • Risk management
  • Teaching and learning skills

The 17 competencies are then marked on scores of 0 to 3 in order to work out your final grade. Once you have completed the lesson, your performance will be discussed with the examiner and graded. This grading and discussion will take about 15 minutes, after which you will receive your completed standard check form and your total grade. Grades are grouped into the following scores:

  • Score of 0 to 30 = Fail, your performance doesn’t meet the requirements.
  • Score of 31 to 42 = Grade B, you will remain on the approved driving instructors (ADI) register.
  • Score of 43 to 51 = Grade A, meaning that a high standard of instruction has been given and you will remain on the register of ADI’s.

If you fail the standards check:

Your examiner will have to automatically fail you if your score is 7 or less in the ‘risk management’ category, or if you put yourself or anyone else in danger and the lesson has to be stopped by the examiner; for obvious reasons.
You will get the chance to take and pass the standards check 2 times, but if you fail 3 times you will be taken off the ADI (approved driving instructors) register and will have to take the tests again to rejoin the register.

Instructors have to take at least one standards check at least every 4 years. If you keep missing you standards check appointment you face being removed from the register of ADI’s.

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