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Learning to drive is an exciting time in anyone’s life, but such an important life skill needs to be approached with a degree of seriousness to ensure you become a safe and confident motorist, achieving the best value for money possible from your lessons.

At Wimbledon Driving School we recognise that individual learners have different needs and priorities when it comes to learning to drive, but regardless of age, current level of experience and approach you need an experienced, highly qualified instructor who can adapt to suit you as an individual.

Wimbledon Driving School’s instructors are highly flexible and offer tailor made lesson plans designed around you – that’s why every year we are the number one choice for thousands of learners across South London.

Looking for Driving Lessons Barnes?

Before starting to select the right instructor and the right driving school it is helpful to take some decisions around how you intend to approach learning to drive.

Some learners prefer an intensive approach, with a focus on passing their test quickly whilst others prefer to pace themselves and learn gradually over a longer period of time.

Whichever category you fit into, budget is also likely to be a key consideration so it is essential to find a driving school that can meet your needs whilst providing the best possible value for money.

Whether you feel you were born to drive or you need your confidence building back up, Wimbledon Driving School represents an excellent option as we offer flexible lesson plans, built around you and your individual needs.

This flexibility along with the fact that we are one of the most reasonably priced driving schools in South London is the reason that we are one of the area’s leading driving schools with a reputation for excellence and outstanding results.

When learning to drive, every minute of every lesson is a valuable opportunity to improve your skills and develop your confidence.  Nothing is more frustrating than experiencing wasted lesson time through driving around trying to find suitable areas to practice new techniques and manoeuvres.

That is why choosing a local instructor who knows the area well can make a significant difference in the effectiveness of your lessons.

Wimbledon Driving Schools highly qualified instructors are carefully selected to ensure they understand the roads in Barnes and can offer targeted lessons in the best possible practice zones.

As you begin to learn to drive you need a quiet area to familiarise yourself with the controls, practice moving off and stopping; Lowther Road offers a great environment in which to do this, safely building your confidence.  As you progress, Wimbledon Driving School uses a tried and tested circuit which takes in Barnes Avenue, moving on to Boileau Road and Nowell Road before emerging on to Kilmington Road and Stillingfleet Road.

This circuit offers great opportunities to practice steering, turning, ‘peep and creep’ techniques and MSPSL.  For practising crossroads and gaining an understanding of how to approach them correctly, we recommend the crossroads of Station Road, Mill Hill Road and Rocks Lane – with Rocks Lane also providing a great opportunity to work on the technique of turning right-to-right at a crossroads.

Learn from local Barnes Instructors

Learning to safely navigate roundabouts is a key skill in learning to drive and Wimbledon Driving School uses the roundabout where Verdun Road and Barnes Avenue converge to guide you through the correct approach and appropriate signalling.

Upper Richmond Road offers a multitude of places to experience different types of crossings and exposure to different road markings.  Reversing around corners is a skill that many learners approach with a degree of trepidation but Wimbledon Driving School have identified a safe and suitable area to lean this skill and build confidence; where Suffolk Road meets either Parke Road or Berkley Road.

Parallel parking can be practiced in Suffolk Road and Barnes Avenue offers a good opportunity to work on turning in the road.

Detailed, local knowledge such as this ensures you gain the maximum impact from each of your lessons and at Wimbledon Driving School we pride ourselves on the knowledge our instructors have of the Barnes area.

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