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Can I Use An Interpreter For My Driving Test?

Before 2014, anyone who did not speak English as their first language was entitled to have an interpreter accompany them to their driving examination.

However, the law has now changed and you cannot have an interpreter. This is because it was deemed necessary for the learner to be able to understand a certain amount of English for the driving test and beyond for a number of reasons.

Why can’t I have an interpreter for my driving test?

While driving, you may find yourself needing to speak with other drivers. In addition, you will need to be able to interpret the road signs that are applicable to your situation. Safety on the roads is unquestionably vital, and when it comes to understanding road signs, it is essential that you are able to read them whether they are in English or Welsh. Driving in the United Kingdom would be problematic for a non-English speaker who did not have considerable mastery of the English language.

When it came to interpreters, however, one of the most common worries was that the inspector had no way of knowing whether or not someone was cheating on the test. There were constraints on how frequently the interpreter could speak, but even then, the examiner would have no way of knowing whether or not the interpreter was assisting the trainee driver during those exchanges.

It was a guarantee that there would be no cheating if the interpreter was removed from the equation, making it a much more even playing field for everyone.

Can I take my test in a language other than English?

Can I take my test in a language other than EnglishPreparation for both the theory and driving tests necessitates a thorough knowledge and understanding of the English language. It is feasible, however, to arrange for driving instructors who speak your native language if this is required. Having someone who speaks your tongue and can communicate all of the procedures properly will make it easier for you to relax and enjoy your driving experience. Depending on where you go for your driving test, it may be difficult to locate an instructor able to assist in a foreign language.

Consider asking about this before scheduling your exam, as well as exploring the regions where you would prefer to have your test performed as a result. You should also keep in mind that taking the test with a language other than English instructor should not result in any additional costs.

What else can I do?

You cannot use an interpreter throughout the test; however, you can substitute a friend or family member for the instructor if you so choose to. if you are the type that gets fairly apprehensive and needs that extra layer of certainty, this might be particularly valuable. When you are getting into the car with an examiner, having someone that you know and trust with you can help you feel more comfortable and at ease.

Having your instructor present is also beneficial if you like them to do so as an option. It is entirely up to you whether this will result in increased stress or whether it will help you relax.  

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