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Changes To The 2017 Driving Test – Driving On The Motorway

When the new driving test comes into force on 4th December 2017, learner drivers will be permitted to drive on motorways as part of their driving lesson schedule. It will, however, still be illegal for learner drivers to drive on motorways unsupervised.

Driving lessons on the motorway

With the proposed changes, it will now be possible for learner drivers to undertake motorway driving during their driving lessons. It is important that learner drivers realise that motorway driving is voluntary, although it is advisable that they take this opportunity to drive on a motorway in a supervised and safe environment. This is in preparation for once they have passed their test. The decision on whether a learner driver is competent to undertake motorway driving is down to the discretion of the driving instructor and the wishes of the learner driver. All lessons carried out on a motorway must be done under the instruction of an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) and the car needs to have dual controls.

Motorway driving – the changes

The changes taking place in December 2017 will mean that drivers who have passed their test will no longer have exclusive use of the motorway. At present a driver can only have motorway lessons once they have passed their driving test. This is operated via the Pass Plus driving scheme, which is aimed at newly qualified drivers. The changes will open up the world of motorway driving to all learner drivers, enabling them to experience motorway driving before they pass their test.

Changes To The 2017 Driving Test - Driving On The Motorway


Why the new changes?

Why has motorway driving been included as part of driving lessons and the driving test? The simple answer is to better prepare learner drivers for motorway driving once they pass their test. Motorway driving is a totally different proposition than regular road driving, due to the increased speed and stopping distances involved.

Acquiring the relevant skills

Hopefully, these new changes will equip learner drivers with the necessary skills to stay safe while driving on our UK motorways. It will also ensure that learner drivers get a much richer and varied driving experience before they take their test.

Wimbledon Driving School is fully committed to offering learner drivers the full learner driving experience, including motorway driving. To learn more about learning to drive with us, please do give us a call today or visit the website.

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