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Are CRB Checked Instructors Worth Paying For?

Do you think driving instructors should be CRB Checked?

Should driving instructors be CRB checked?

Learning to drive is a major milestone in any person’s life, and when choosing the right instructor to teach you recommendations and costing’s are all important things to consider, after all as a learner you’ll spend hours driving around in a car with someone that might indeed be a perfect stranger.

Many people will argue that a Criminal Record Bureau (CRB check) is something that anyone dealing with the general public should undergo. This way you can rest assure that your driver instructor is legitimate and has a clean criminal background and many people believe that this is an important way of protecting learner drivers from the risk posed to them when in a exposed position as a new student.

With the assurance that the instructor is authorised and permitted to drive a vehicle as well as the knowledge that they are who they say they are many people feel more comfortable getting in the car with a potential stranger.

Many people will argue that safety should never become second to costs as driving can be one of the dangerous things a person does in their day. Poor driving instruction could potentially lead to an accident or else a put a student in a vulnerable position which could otherwise have been prevented.

However with costs for driving lessons rising year upon year how happy would you be to forgo the quality of your lesson and perhaps your safety?

One of the main groups seeking driving lessons is the young seventeen year old, ready to take to the road. At this age many people see cost as one of the most important things in every aspect of their life, particularly if they are still a student. The eagerness to get in to a car may mean that many people are willing to skip the most important aspects of seeking a driving instructor, such as recommendations and registered driving instructors.

If an instructor is registered and CRB checked, this perhaps will not make them any better at teaching students how to drive, or indeed, a CRB check may not prevent students being put in vulnerable positions, it just ensures this has not happened in the past.

Therefore what difference does CRB check really make to the quality of your driving instruction? While people are happy to pay cheaper prices for their lessons the illegal driving industry will always be something customers will turn to when assessing the costs of learning to drive.

However it can be said that safety and quality when in a car can never be compromised particularly while you are learning to drive.

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