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Driving instructor training in London Yannick had a great teacher

Driving instructor training in London needs to be of the highest order not just so that an instructor can pass their exams but also in order to produce safe and responsible drivers to drive on UK roads. Yannick from Wandsworth in South London had one such instructor called Tony Ramsey and it made all the difference to Yannick and he was able to get his full license as a result.  Poorly trained instructors on the other hand are very likely to get little success on test and even more worryingly produce drivers who do not have a holistic understanding of driving and its systems but are just coached on “test routes”. Yannick’s instructor Tony Ramsey had finished his training with Wimbledon Driving School having been with a large instructor training provider who were unable to get him to pass his Part 3 exam. Tony is now a superb instructor and all of his pupils benefit from his great knowledge and skills. However many of these skills were coached on our driving instructor training in London course and those skills are the ones Tony uses every day to get people through their driving exams and ensure he is being referred by his pupils to their friends and family. What makes Wimbledon Driving School different to other trainers. Firstly on the interview you will meet your trainer rather than a salesman and you can ask them about their track record as well as check their qualifications. Secondly the qualifications the WDS trainers have are not just the best in terms of their instructional grades but they also possess the top driving qualifications so you can be confident about your part 2 exam. Thirdly the training is one to one rather than in a classroom with dozens of others or in a car with two or three others. This means we are focused on you and we can get results that others cannot achieve. All of this adds up to the best driving instructor training in London and consequently happy and safe customers trained by instructors who have been through our training program.

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