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What Is A Driving School Franchise?

What Is A Driving School Franchise?

You might think that your three stage test and driving instructor training are the hard parts of becoming an ADI. But actually, making a success of your work means having an awareness of driving instruction as a business.

One option that many people choose to help them start out on the right foot is to become part of a driving school franchise.

  • But what exactly is a driving school franchise, and how can it benefit you?
  • Here is a brief overview of what this means for an aspiring ADI.

The meaning of franchise

A standard driving school franchise gives you the use of a respected company’s name, and business model, in return for a share of your profits.

The franchiser in question doesn’t share the risks of your business venture, so you’ll still have to make a success of things yourself, but with a successful brand and proven business model to work with, you stand more chance of getting the customers you need for a stable career.

With some franchises, you’ll also find options to have parts of your training funded, as well as possibilities of receiving funds or payment plans for your business vehicle and phone.

The benefit of experience

Getting ahead in any business can be tricky, and it can really help to have assistance from people that know what they’re talking about.

To make it as a driving instructor, you’ll need to have an awareness of business planning, customer care, and marketing, as well as good infrastructure for attracting and managing clients.

Many franchises will put you in touch with other local instructors, meaning you can gain from their experience, and even pick up clients which they’re not able to take on.

You’ll also find that some large franchises can offer you access to easy to manage websites and advertising outlets, so that means the marketing side is covered for you too.

It may not be for everyone, but a driving school franchise can offer stability and assistance for many prospective driving instructors at the start of their careers.

So check out what’s on offer near you if you’re thinking of becoming an ADI.

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