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Driving Theory Test – The Eight Questions That Most People Answer Incorrectly

When people take their driving tests, many people think that this is something that refers solely to the practical side of getting in a car and driving.

However, the theory test is one of the most important aspects of taking a driving test, and this is something you need to try to make the most of as much as possible. You have to think about some of the key ideas that will help you prepare to take and pass your driving theory test.

Here are eight of the most common incorrectly answered questions in driving theory tests.

1. When is it okay to undertake a vehicle?

There are 3 occasions in which it is okay to undertake a vehicle:

  • In slow moving traffic
  • If youre on a one-way road
  • When the vehicle in front is signaling to turn right

2. What is the typical stopping distance at 70mph in good conditions?

Though there are factors that can affect the distance and the way in which the vehicle is able to stop, the typical stopping distance at 70mph in good conditions is 96 metres, or 351 feet.

3. Why dont brakes work as well as normal when driving down a long steep hill?

The most common reason behind this is that the brakes are overheated. One of the solutions to this problem is to go downhill at a slower speed by switching to a lower gear.

4. At a pelican crossing what does it mean when the amber light flashes?

According to the Highway Code, if you approach a pelican crossing and the amber light is flashing, you are expected to give way to pedestrians already crossing.

5. You take the wrong route & find youre on a one-way street, what do you do?

In this situation drivers should always continue to the end of the road. You should never turn around and go back the way you came.

6. What does a single, followed by a double, followed by a triple yellow diagonal line across the road mean?

These lines are in place to help remind you of your speed, and to alert you that a new lower speed limit is about to occur.

7. What are the requirements for those supervising learner drivers?

In addition to holding a full licence for 3 years, you must be over 21 years old to supervise a learner driver.

8. Youre towing a small trailer on a busy 3-lane motorway, what must you do if all lanes are open?

You must only use the left and centre lanes, and never the outside lane. This only applies where the motorway has at least 3 lanes that can be used.

These are a few of the key ideas that you can use when it comes to improving the driving theory test and getting the best possible outcome.

There are so many ideas that play a part in this process, and it is important to make sure you ace these 8 questions in order to get the best possible outcome from this process.

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