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How To Fit Driving Lessons Into Your Schedule

How To Fit Driving Lessons Into Your Schedule

Fitting In Driving Lessons Into Your Work / Student Schedule.

If you are struggling to fit your driving lessons around a busy work schedule or studying, here are a few tips to help you manage your driving lesson timetable around your lifestyle.

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1. Use your driving lessons to help you get from A to B

Ask your instructor whether it is possible to finish your lesson in a different location to the place you started. Many driving instructors will be happy to do this within a reasonable area.

How To Fit Driving Lessons Into Your ScheduleThis can be a great way to fit a lesson in before work or school – why not drive from home to your office/university, and bring everything you need for the day with you in the car?

As well as saving the money you might otherwise spend on the bus or train, you also save yourself valuable time that you’d otherwise be wasting on your commute!

2. Take intense lessons when you do have time

There are lots of intensive driving courses available which offer you the chance to concentrate your driving lessons over a very short period (often a week or fortnight), spending four or five hours driving every day.

If you can afford to take a week’s holiday, this short course might offer a viable alternative to trying to squeeze lessons in once a week for several months.

If you don’t have enough annual leave left to sacrifice a week to take an intense course, you can still reduce the length of time you need to commit to lessons by taking longer lessons, say for 2 or 3 hours on the weekend or other days that you do have some time to spare.

3. Find out how much notice you need to give

If your working pattern is unpredictable, or just very busy, it’s worth letting your instructor know from the outset.

This will help them understand why you might need to cancel lessons, and can help you agree how much notice you need to give.

Similarly, you can ask them to let you know if any lessons free up at short notice, so they can check whether you’re able to use the opportunity to squeeze another lesson in.

4. Plan what else you can put off until another time

Finally, if you’re trying to juggle multiple commitments, it is always worth making a really thorough plan.

Just writing down your timetable or keeping a diary will give you a better idea of when it will be possible to fit in a lesson.

Writing everything down might also highlight where else you might be able to free up time by rescheduling other appointments.

Could that haircut wait a few weeks?

Would a friend mind you meeting them for lunch instead of dinner?

You’ll be surprised just how many lessons you can fit in, if you take the time to plan!

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