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How To Get Cheaper Car Insurance For Learner Drivers

Cheaper car insurance for learner drivers

If you are taking driving lessons but don’t yet own your own car, you still need to be insured when driving with friends and family in a non-driving school vehicle.

Your driving instructor will have their own driver’s insurance and business insurance when you are on your lessons but that won’t cover you as a driver outside of lessons.

Here’s some tips on how to find cheaper car insurance for learner drivers.

  1. If a parent or a partner already has car insurance, become a named driver on their policy.
    Even better, some insurance companies will consider the period you are covered on someone else’s policy for your no claims bonus when you come to taking out insurance for yourself at a later date.
  2. Pay only for what you need. If you have qualified to drive in another country but need to take a test to drive in the UK, then you won’t be on your learner’s permit for long.
    Get an idea from a driving instructor how long it will take you to pass and then choose an insurer who will be flexible on the period of cover.
  3. Don’t just rely on market comparison websites when tracking down a quote. Many insurers are not listed on them.
    Do your own research and deal direct for the best quotes. Remember to haggle. Car insurance is a very competitive business and insurers will try to beat a genuine lower quote.
  4. Buy online. Many insurers offer discounts when you purchase through their site.
  5. Pay upfront if you are able to. Instalment plans usually work out more expensive.
  6. Opt for a higher excess.
    This will reduce your premium but make sure you have enough in reserve to cover the excess if you do have an accident.
  7. Go for no-frills. Will you really need a courtesy car?
    If you are driving in London, you’ll be covered by ample public transport.
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