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Getting Back Behind the Wheel with Refresher Driving Lessons

For lots of people, being able to drive provides them with independence and prevents them from being reliant on other people. However, not driving for a long period of time can result in you feeling unconfident behind the wheel. Like any other skill, you need to drive regularly to maintain your ability to drive safely.

There are numerous reasons why you might stop driving. Whether it’s a health problem that requires a temporary pause, a periodic relocation to a city centre where public transport is more convenient or an experience on the road that knocked your confidence, you may be lacking some much-needed driving time. 

Regardless of the reasoning, the thought of getting back on the road can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there is a solution that can give you back your independence; refresher driving lessons. Tailored to your requirements, these lessons offer the support and guidance needed to confidently navigate the road again.

The Importance of Refresher Lessons

Driving, despite being a routine for many, is a huge responsibility. So, ensuring both your safety as well as the safety of others on the road is crucial. If you haven’t driven for a long time, things might’ve changed since your last trip behind the wheel and refresher lessons can provide you with some road experience. 

This type of driving lesson isn’t about relearning how to drive from scratch but fine-tuning and updating your skills. At Wimbledon Driving School, we provide driving courses that will give you the confidence you need to get back on the road. Our Fast Track course provides 12 hours of driving lessons spread over 4 days, helping you get where you need to be to feel safe behind the wheel again. 

When to Book Refresher Driving Lessons

There are lots of different reasons why people who have already passed their driving test decide to book refresher driving lessons, such as; 

  • A long gap of not driving


  • After an accident that has shaken their confidence 


  • Returning home after university


  • Transitioning from countryside driving to city driving 


  • After an overseas move to get used to UK roads

Typically, the feeling of apprehension or nervousness when thinking about driving is a signal that you could benefit from some refresher lessons. If the idea of getting back behind the wheel induces anxiety, it’s worth contacting a local driving school. 

What Refresher Lessons Cover

While refresher courses are tailored to each driver’s individual needs, it’s common for the same areas to be covered during the course. Many will request to go over; 

  • Manoeuvers

One of the main areas of driving that refresher lessons include is manoeuvres, particularly in busy areas when you feel under pressure. Even experienced drivers can sometimes find it challenging to perfect manoeuvers like parallel parking, reversing around a corner or turning in the road. This makes it a crucial aspect to cover during refresher lessons, giving you time to remind yourself how to manoeuvre a vehicle and feel confident doing so. 

  • Motorway Driving

Navigating the UK’s motorways can be very daunting, especially if you haven’t driven for a while. Refresher courses place a particular focus on motorway driving skills, ensuring you can handle the vehicle with assurance and safety at high speeds. By booking refresher driving lessons, you can practise lane transitions and learn to anticipate the movements of other vehicles around you on these fast-paced roads.

  • Night Driving

Driving at night has its own set of unique challenges. The reduced visibility, glare from oncoming traffic and perception of distance can be disorientating. Driving instructors understand that your confidence might dip when the sun goes down and they can provide you with some tailored guidance to make you feel confident at all times of the day. 

  • Adapting to New Vehicles

Vehicles aren’t one-size-fits-all and each model has its own features. If you’ve recently upgraded or switched vehicles, for example moving from a manual car to an automatic car, you might be feeling apprehensive about driving. Refresher lessons can help you to familiarise yourself with a new type of vehicle, ensuring you can drive safely.

  • Rules of the Road

It’s easy to forget some road rules, especially if you’ve taken a break from driving or if you’ve been sticking to familiar routes. Refresher courses are designed to refresh your memory and knowledge, ensuring your driving not only adheres to best practices but also remains compliant with the latest legal requirements.

How Many Refresher Lessons to Book

Several factors will impact how many refresher lessons you need. Some drivers might need just one or two sessions to regain their confidence, while others may benefit from a more comprehensive course of lessons. Your driving instructor will typically assess your skills during the first lessons and provide some guidance on how many sessions might be beneficial.

At Wimbledon Driving School, our refresher lessons are meticulously designed to help you brush up on your driving skills. With our patient and experienced driving instructors guiding you, each lesson is more than just driving practice, it’s a step towards rebuilding your confidence. These tailored lessons will ensure that when you get back on the road independently, you can safely handle anything you might come across. 

Booking Driving Lessons in Hampton 

All in all, driving is a skill that can sometimes be lost if you don’t spend time behind the wheel. Refresher lessons can be beneficial for a variety of reasons, helping you to feel more confident the next time you drive independently. If you’re searching for a driving school in Hampton that offers refresher lessons, don’t hesitate to contact us at Wimbledon Driving School. 

We provide a range of different courses, from intensive driving lessons to automatic driving lessons, and we can help you to become a skilled driver. Whether you’re learning to drive and want to pass your test in the quickest time possible or you need some refresher lessons to improve your confidence, our driving instructors in Hampton can help. We provide effective and personalised teaching methods to ensure each lesson is a success, and we guarantee the highest standard of instruction. 

Contact us today by completing the enquiry form on our website and a local driving instructor will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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