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Helping Students Get In The Driving Seat

Helping Students Get In The Driving Seat

South London is full of some of the best colleges and universities in the country. Which is why it makes sense to have one of the best driving schools for students there as well.

Wimbledon Driving School has been voted the 3rd top driving school in the whole of the UK and we’re situated in the heart of South London, ready to bring top quality driving lessons to South London and Surrey.

Flexible lessons

When you’re a student, learning to drive can seem like a challenge. You need to fit learning to drive around your other commitments, such as lectures, exams, coursework and any societies you may be a part of.

Wimbledon Driving School has got this covered. We understand that the lives of students can be chaotic, which is why we offer flexible driving lessons to fit your lifestyle.

Our friendly instructors will even pick you up and drop you off wherever is convenient to you.

We want to get you behind the wheel so that when you graduate, you’re road ready. Some jobs you may look into when you finish university will offer a company car, require driving or may require a commute.

Learning to drive whilst you’re at university is a great way to make sure that you’re prepared, confident and ready to take on the driving world when it comes to choosing your career.

Don’t let not driving hold you back.

Affordable lessons

You may be mistaken for thinking that learning to drive is going to cost you an arm and a leg.

We don’t believe this has to be the case, which is why Wimbledon Driving School offers amongst the lowest priced driving lessons in the area.

You can even choose to have an introductory lesson with no commitment for just £10 so you can decide if that particular driver and you are a match.

What better way to start your life on the road.

Professional, friendly driving instructors

As a younger driver, an aspect that is imperative to success is confidence.

We only hire the most qualified, friendly drivers out there, who will reassure you on the road and build your confidence in no time.

All of our drivers are local and know the South London roads like the back of their hands. Who better to teach you how to navigate the sometimes overwhelming London roads safely.

You’ll soon realise that there’s nothing to be intimidated by.

Fast-track courses

If you’re thinking about learning to drive but don’t have long left at university, it’s not too late.

Wimbledon Driving School offers intensive tuition to reduce an entire course of driving lessons into a few days or weeks to get you behind the wheel sooner.

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