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How to Pass a Driving Test

Everyone the world over has a different experience when it comes to learning how to drive, which can vary hugely depending on location. Needless to say, driving in London is a unique experience to say the least and while the city roads may be rather on the daunting side, master London driving lessons and chances are, you will be ready to face the roads anywhere in the world!

So, if looking to get behind the wheel and enjoy the kind of freedom you might only have dreamt of, here are five key tips to help you do exactly that:

Research Schools

Not all driving schools in London are the same in terms of approaches or pass-rates, so if you are hoping to make the fastest progress possible in safety and for the lowest prices, do your homework before signing up.

Research the Roads

Even while not behind the wheel, you can gain essential insights into the way in which the city streets work, the behavior of other drivers and the challenging areas you will come across during lessons. Keep on point at all times and study the roads carefully.

Nurture Nerves

If finding it tough to cope with the hectic traffic at the worst times of day, try your best to schedule your lessons and ideally your test for quitter periods. For example, before the morning rush hour can be an ideal time, or even early evening just before dark.

Learn From Mistakes

Don’t see an unsuccessful test as a failure, but rather a lesson to learn from and a pointer as to how to approach things next time around. There is no such thing as 100% perfect driving in London, so don’t be afraid to accept and learn from mistakes.


Remember: lucky drivers pass their tests first time and excellent drivers usually pass their second or third time around, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself and be sure to persevere.


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