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How To Save Money With Driving Lessons

How To Save Money With Driving Lessons

How to save money on with driving lessons with wimbledondrivingschool.com

There are a number of steps you can take to minimise the costs of learning to drive in London, and Wimbledon are here to help you pass at minimum expenditure:

1. Take informal lessons with a friend or relative. Taking the initial baby steps; the likes of mastering clutch control and changing gears (in a manual car) can quite easily be done in the presence of a friend or family member in a quiet car park or isolated area, without the need to shell out money with each hour that passes.

Just be sure your chosen mentor is at least 21 and has held a driving license for at least 3 years. It’s also important to practice with someone who remains calm and patient with you, as a panicked, tense or angry environment at these crucial opening stages can adversely effect the entire learning process.

2. Take advantage of Wimbledon’s first basic lesson introductory offer; at just £10.00, it’s less than half price and comes with no obligation to book further lessons!

3. Choose the most economical vehicle you can. Wimbledon’s lessons are set at a fixed price, but if you’re using your own car, even if its just for extra practice on the side, powerful sports models will cost more to run. If at all possible seek out small-engined vehicles, particularly diesel engined ones, as these are also more difficult to stall.

4. As you gain confidence and ability, make use of block lessons and extend your sessions beyond just 1 hour. As you factor in the time required for your instructor to collect you and then take you back, the proportion of the paid hour actually spent learning to drive decreases sharply, blocking lessons together means less of each hour is wasted, and you get better value for money.

Additionally, block-booking large numbers of lessons ahead of time gives you access to discount offers: Wimbledon offer 12 lessons for the price of £239.40, a saving of £12 versus single-booking, and 20 lessons for the price of £399.00, saving you £20 versus single-booking.

5. Consider intensive courses as oppose to traditional one / two per week sessions. The average UK learner requires 47 hours of instructor-led sessions prior to being ready for their test, even with Wimbledon’s great rates this will set you back £984.65 if you’re driving a manual, and £1078.65 in an automatic car.

By contrast, Wimbledon’s Fast Pass (36 hour) courses are fixed at £718.20 and £790.20 respectively, potentially saving you in upwards of £250 and offering you better value for your money.

6. Take advantage of Wimbledon’s free driving lesson plans, online theory and hazard perception tests, and online highway code to secure knowledge that could otherwise have set you back a small fortune!

Not all of these steps will be helpful to everyone, but Wimbledon appreciate that no two learners are alike, and are committed to helping you pass in the most cost-effective manner, call free on 0800 511 8800, or fill out a simple enquiry form today and take the first step to getting out on the open road.

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