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Do I Indicate On A Roundabout?

The Rules Of Indicating At Roundabouts

Do I Indicate On A Roundabout?

The answer to that question is, to put it bluntly, YES.

Learning when to do so is the part that you truly need to master. Roundabouts vary in sizes and styles. The average one will feature four exits, including the one you’re entering the roundabout from. These exits will either take you left, straight ahead, or right.31

However, some smaller roundabouts, occasionally found in small villages or country roads, may only feature two exits. These smaller ones may require tighter driving, due to the size and available space.

Some of the more daunting roundabouts will exceed four exits. The Magic Roundabout, located in Swindon, actually consists of five mini roundabouts!

For the sake of simplicity, the following examples will be based on the classic four exit roundabout.

It’s easiest to view the roundabout as a clock, as you’ll always be moving clockwise. View the left exit as 9 o’clock, the second, or exit that is straight ahead, as 12 o’clock, and the third, or right exit, as 3 o’clock.

Remember that, in all these examples, you’ll be approaching the roundabout from 6 o’clock.

Turning left

When turning left, always approach from the left lane. Prior to joining the roundabout, switch on your left indicator. Once you have turned on to the left exit, be sure to switch off your indicator. This is because there may be other left exits ahead, and it’s always best to avoid confusion.

Straight ahead

When wishing to take the second exit, you should take the left lane when approaching the roundabout, unless otherwise indicated by signage. You do not need to turn on your indicator prior to joining the roundabout.

When there is room to join the roundabout, stick to the designated lane, and turn on your left indicator once you have passed the left turn. Once again, remember to switch off your indicator once you have exited the roundabout.

Turning right

When turning right, it’s essential that you approach from the right hand lane. Prior to joining the roundabout, you need to turn on your right indicator. When there is room to join, stick to the right (inside) lane.

Once you have passed the second exit, indicate left, and exit the right (inside) lane.

This may seem like a lot to take in, but with the right driving instructor, you’ll master this part of driving in no time.

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