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Invest in yourself: The cost of learning to drive

Learning to drive is an investment in yourself; an essential life skill that provides you with the independence and the freedom to travel – whether it’s with friends on a road trip or your daily commute to work.

According to statistics from the DVSA, the number of young adults learning to drive has shown a drop of 18% over the last decade, due to high costs. However, driving instructors across the UK state they’ve got waiting lists of students eager to learn. Carly Brookfield, the chief executive of the Driving Instructors Association, says while the cost of running a car has gone through the sunroof, the days of teenage drivers haven’t come to a halt yet.

Aviva Insurance looked into the costs of learning to drive – to help new learners save and prepare themselves for getting onto the road. They’ve put all the essential costs of learning into this handy infographic below:

costs of learning to drive

If you’re investigating the costs of learning to drive, this is a great starting point – so not only do you know how much money to put aside, but also what equipment is required to begin learning at home.

For those looking to learn with Wimbledon Driving School, we provide an introductory offer of £10 for your first lesson, and we can provide block bookings to help you get on the road.

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