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Is My Driving Instructor Taking Too Long?

Is My Driving Instructor Taking Too Long?

This is a variation on a theme that we are asked about on a regular basis. It can often be raised before a student sits behind the wheel of a car for the first time.

Then, it’s likely to be: ‘How many lessons will I need to pass my test?’

It is a difficult question to answer simply, because each person learning to drive is unique and individual. It’s also fair to say that, after a course of lessons, some folk will then cope with test conditions better than others.

Our driving instructors are tasked to prepare our students to a level where they have the ability and confidence to undertake their driving test. We always appreciate that this can involve a substantial financial commitment, but equally, it is a false economy to sit a test before you are ready to cope with that examination.

One further point: learning to drive isn’t simply about passing a test. It’s equally, or even more, about having the ability to drive confidently and safely after you have your licence.

There are some points that have emerged about learning to drive. Please do accept that these are generalisations; again, we know that each person is an individual. However, it is usually accepted that age is a factor, with younger learners generally needing a lower number of lessons.

It’s also often found that women need a few more lessons than men. This may be because ‘boys’ tend to be more into cars and how they operate at a younger age. This is not making a comparison between the skills of male and female drivers, simply a trend that has proven itself over time.

The next consideration is individual temperament. Some folk adapt more comfortably to learning and using new skills, tend to relax more quickly in such situations. Others need more practice to train their body in the skills of driving.

Some people lack confidence, and to be honest, others arrive with too much of it! A final point to consider is past experience. We do take learners who have tried elsewhere, or may have been taught by a family member. In some cases, there can even be ‘skills’ to be unlearned!

The best course of action is to talk to our team about learning to drive; what it means to you, and how you feel about the process. From this, we can work with you to craft a plan to develop your skills and build confidence in a way that most suits you.

This might range from a series of regularly-spaced lessons to an intensive course.

To quote an old American saying: ‘

Different strokes for different folks’ – so let us consider how learning to drive can be the most positive and successful experience for you.

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