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Master the Roads with Intensive Driving Courses in Morden

Join us on the road to driving excellence as we share our insider tips for mastering Morden's intensive driving courses. This is your all-in-one guide to becoming a confident and capable driver.

Are you ready to take the fast lane to driving success? If so, Wimbledon Driving School’s intensive driving courses in Morden are your ticket to becoming a confident and competent driver in no time.

Understanding Intensive Driving Courses at Wimbledon Driving School

The Initial Assessment

Every journey begins with a single step. At Wimbledon Driving School, that step is a two-hour assessment lesson. This session allows our expert instructors to gauge your current driving skills and tailor a course that suits your needs perfectly.

Fast Forward 36-hour Course

Are you a beginner? Don’t worry! Our Fast Forward 36-hour course is designed just for you. This comprehensive course covers all syllabus areas, ensuring you’re well-prepared for your test and beyond.

Fast Pass 24-hour Course

Got some experience under your belt? Our Fast Pass 24-hour course might be the perfect fit. This course is designed for those who have some previous driving experience and are looking to fast-track their way to driving success.

Fast Track 12-hour Course

For those who have been driving abroad or need a refresher, our Fast Track 12-hour course is ideal. This course will help you brush up on your skills and get you test-ready in no time.

The Wimbledon Advantage

What sets our intensive driving courses apart? It’s simple – we maximise learning by minimising recap time. Traditional weekly lessons often require 20 to 30 minutes of recap time per session. With our intensive courses, this time is significantly reduced, making your learning journey more efficient. Furthermore, unlike other intensive courses that include overly extended lessons leading to tiredness, our lessons are designed to be just the right length to ensure optimal learning without fatigue.

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Local Expertise and Knowledge of the Morden Driving Test Centre

At Wimbledon Driving School, we’re not just experts in driving instruction – we’re experts in Morden. Our instructors have extensive knowledge of the Morden Driving Test Centre and the surrounding areas. This local expertise allows us to provide you with practical insights and tips that can be incredibly beneficial for your test.

We’re familiar with the common test routes used by the Morden Driving Test Centre and can guide you through them during your lessons. This means you’ll know what to expect on the day of your test, helping to reduce nerves and increase confidence.

Our local knowledge also extends to understanding peak traffic times, local road layouts, and unique road features in Morden. All of this information is incorporated into our lessons, ensuring you’re well-prepared for any driving situation that might come up during your test.

Remember, when you choose Wimbledon Driving School, you’re choosing a school that combines high-quality driving instruction with invaluable local knowledge.

Why Choose Wimbledon Driving School for Your Intensive Driving Course?

Top-rated Driving School

Wimbledon Driving School isn’t just any driving school. For the last three years, we’ve been voted as one of the three best driving schools in London. With a Trustpilot ranking of 5 out of 5 and more reviews than any other local school in the Morden area, we’re a trusted choice for learners.

Expert Instructors

Our team of instructors are not just highly qualified – they’re industry leaders. With prestigious awards, including RoSPA Gold and IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) certifications, they bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every lesson. Plus, their phenomenal industry-beating pass rates speak for themselves.

Success Stories from Wimbledon Driving School

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from our successful students:

Eliza Hamilton says, “Cameron has been brilliant. Every lesson I feel more confident, and I know that Cameron will do his very best to prepare me for my upcoming test. His car is easy to learn on and his knowledge faultless. Very enjoyable lessons.”

Karen Judge shares, “I am grateful to have had Barry Green as a driving instructor. From day 1, he made me feel completely at ease, despite my nerves. Barry prepared me completely for my test, and I passed today at Morden – first time with two minors.”

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you might have a few questions about our intensive driving courses. Here, we answer some of the most common queries:

How much is a 1-hour driving lesson in the UK?

In the UK, the cost of a 1-hour driving lesson typically ranges from £30 to £45, although this can vary depending on the location and the driving school.

Are advanced driving lessons worth it?

Yes, advanced driving lessons are definitely worth it. They can significantly enhance your driving skills, enabling you to handle complex driving situations with ease. Not only do they make you a safer driver, but they can also improve fuel efficiency and potentially lower your insurance premiums.

How do I prepare for an intensive driving course?

To get the most out of an intensive driving course, it’s important to prepare well. This includes brushing up on your Highway Code, ensuring you’re well-rested, staying hydrated, eating well, and maintaining a positive mindset. Remember, making mistakes is part of the learning process.

Is 20 hours of driving lessons enough?

For a complete beginner with no previous driving experience and no other external practice, 20 hours of driving lessons is unlikely to be enough. The number of lessons needed can vary greatly depending on your ability and how quickly you can learn and apply the skills necessary to pass the test.

Can I pass my driving test in 2 weeks?

While it’s possible to pass your driving test in 2 weeks with an intensive driving course, this largely depends on your ability, previous experience, and how quickly you can learn and apply the skills necessary to pass the test.

What happens if you fail a crash course?

Failing a crash course is not the end of the world. You can usually retake the course or test. It’s important to review your performance, identify areas of improvement, and work on them before attempting the test again.

Is it better to have 1 or 2-hour driving lessons?

Opting for two-hour lessons can often be more beneficial. Setting lesson objectives, driving to the appropriate area, and debriefing all take time. A two-hour lesson allows more time to focus on the lesson objectives, as these activities represent a smaller part of a 2-hour lesson compared to a one-hour lesson, allowing more time for practice.

Is 40 hours of driving lessons enough?

The number of driving lessons needed can vary greatly from person to person. For some, 40 hours of driving lessons could be enough to feel confident and ready for the test. However, others might need more time to master the necessary skills. It’s all about progressing at your own pace and ensuring you feel ready to take the test.

How to Enrol in an Intensive Driving Course in Morden

Ready to start your driving journey? Enrolling in an intensive driving course at Wimbledon Driving School is as easy as dialling a number. Simply call us at 02035247968, and our friendly team will guide you through the process.


Learning to drive is a significant milestone, and choosing the right driving school is crucial. With Wimbledon Driving School’s intensive driving courses in Morden, you’re not just learning to drive- you’re mastering the roads. Our tailored courses, expert instructors, and proven track record make us the ideal choice for your driving journey.

Don’t wait any longer. Take the fast lane to driving success with Wimbledon Driving School’s intensive driving courses in Morden. Call us today and experience the Wimbledon Driving School difference!

Remember, at Wimbledon Driving School, we make your driving dreams a reality – quickly and efficiently. Start your journey towards driving success today!

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