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Mastering the Roundabouts: Essential Tips for London’s Future Drivers

Conquering London’s Abundant Roundabouts

For learner drivers in London, few obstacles elicit as much dread as the city’s sprawling roundabout intersections. With multiple entrance and exit points, constant merging traffic and frequent pedestrian crossings, roundabouts require quick judgment and steady nerves.

However, master roundabouts and you conquer a major London driving challenge. This guide provides essential tips to help learners safely navigate these circular intersections.

Choosing the Proper Lane

  • Scan signs on approach to see which exit you need.
  • Get into the corresponding lane as early as possible.
  • Left lane for first exit, right lane for turnings that are past twelve O’Clock, etc.
  • Exercise caution when changing lanes once on the roundabout.

Select your entry point carefully for a safe journey through.

Watching Speed

  • Heed speed limit and road signs for safe velocity.
  • Approach slowly and be ready to stop for cars or pedestrians.
  • Maintain steady speed once circulating – no need to stop inside.
  • Large roundabouts allow faster speed, small ones require slower pace.

Control speed for smooth driving from entry to exit.

Observing Right-of-Way

  • Traffic already on roundabout has right-of-way – wait for safe gap.
  • Watch for oncoming cars as you steer onto the roundabout.
  • Be prepared to stop if traffic builds up ahead.
  • If exiting, signal and move to outer lane in good time.

Careful observation prevents collisions.

Dealing with Multiple Lanes

  • Choose the correct lane before entering – keep to outer lanes if exiting early.
  • Never cross multiple lanes at once while circulating, without sufficient observation and caution. 
  • If necessary, go around again to safely reach your exit.

Patience prevents chaotic lane changes.


London’s abundant roundabouts can be intimidating, but are easily mastered with practise. Enter in the proper lane at slow speed, keep eyes moving to observe all traffic, and signal for exits early. Lessons with a skilled instructor give learners ample time to absorb roundabout intricacies. Soon these circulatory hubs become just another integral part of navigating London’s stunning streets.


Q: How should you exit if you accidentally miss your turn off?

A: Keep calm, continue around to your desired exit again and adjust your lane earlier. Never reverse or attempt dangerous turns.

Q: What if another driver enters the roundabout without observing right-of-way?

A: Brake to avoid a crash if they cut you off illegally. Safety first, even if you had right-of-way.

Q: Can cyclists and pedestrians also use roundabouts?

A: Yes, stay vigilant for bikes merging with traffic and pedestrians at crossings. Give them space.

Q: How do complex multi-lane roundabouts differ?

A: Approach slowly, watch for directional signs, and take extra care checking blind spots before moving lanes or exiting.

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