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Motorway Speed Limit Could Be Cut From 70mph To 60mph

The government has recently proposed a controversial change to the motorway speed limit. A new law could see the motorway speed limit reduced from 70mph to 60mph. But why this change?

The main reason for wanting to change the speed limit is that of reducing harmful car emissions. Research has found that cars travelling at higher speeds emit more emissions, so by lowering the speed limit, emissions would be dramatically reduced.

The new law would not apply to all stretches of the motorway, but only to those areas that are most effected by pollution.

This would greatly improve air quality in these built up and highly polluted areas. A further plan by the government, to reinforce this fact, is to introduce a pollution tax for diesel run cars that do not conform to Euro 6 emission rules. Another proposal is that of making diesel drivers scrap their old cars, as well as the government getting rid of the oldest petrol run cars, which would be replaced by the very latest electric models.

In a direct contrast to these suggestions, a recent study found that 75 percent of drivers actually wanted the motorway speed limit to be increased to 80mph to lessen journey times. Green Flag, who carried out the research, also found that 20 percent of drivers found the new law regarding speeding fines to have limited impact upon the speed at which most drivers drive their car.

We must then wonder what impact this newly proposed speed reduction will have upon motorists and how it will be enforced. Another suggestion is that speed bumps could be removed from heavily polluted areas.

The main ethos behind all of these planned changes is to improve air quality by reducing harmful car emissions. Only time will tell if they are fully implemented.

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