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What You Need To Know About Learner Driver Apps

What You Need To Know About Learner Driver Apps

Are Driving Apps As Good As They Claim?

Mobile and tablet apps are gaining more and more ground in the world of driving, with a variety of apps helping in key areas like navigation and gauging fuel use.

Learner drivers also stand to benefit from the explosion in driving related apps, as there are many out there that can deliver the important information you’ll need to remember in order to pass the test and, more importantly, drive safely on the roads once you’ve passed.

However, learner drivers need to bear in mind that these apps are not an adequate replacement for the training a professionally certified driving instructor can give you, but rather a useful tool to be used in conjunction with in-person driving lessons.

What are the options?

Mobile apps can be especially strong as a source of information to help you pass your theory test before you can book your practical test.

Users can access all questions found on the theory test, as well as detailed explanations for the correct answers, via apps that allow them to practise until they are confident in both the multiple choice and hazard perception components of the test.

Many drivers have said that apps have helped them master the rules of the road as they apply to parking, negotiating traffic, braking in the case of emergencies and a wide variety of additional scenarios.

Apps can also come in handy when it comes to acing the practical test. A recently developed mobile app matches learner drivers up with instructors in their area who are ideally suited to their requirements, helping learners save money in the process by tailoring the number of lessons needed to their current level of driving proficiency.

There are also apps that track your progress on the roads, telling you where you’ve been driving and for how long

Pros and Cons

Mobile and tablet apps can be a great tool to track your progress as a learner driver and can offer an invaluable chance to go over any areas you may be struggling with, helping practise make perfect for when you’re behind the wheel at your practical test. However, there are a few caveats to bear in mind.

For one thing, this is still a relatively new market, and learner drivers are well advised to make sure their app really is as good as its makers claim it to be. And finally, as stated above there is no substitute for the guidance of an accredited driving instructor.

Apps will help you consolidate knowledge but top quality driving lessons are what will really iron out your mistakes on the road and get you in good driving shape for the practical test.

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