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Clapham – Balham – Putney – Roehampton – Streatham – Tooting – Wimbledon – Raynes Park

Master Driving the Barry Green Way: Top-Notch Organisation, Outstanding Results!

Driving is an essential skill, and finding the right driving instructor can make all the difference. If you’re based in London and are searching for an expert who’s patient, dedicated, and equipped with a rich experience, look no further than Barry Green. Barry isn’t just a driving instructor; he’s a mentor who’s committed to making driving a comfortable and enjoyable experience for you.

Barry's Experience

The Man Behind 193 Successful Drivers: The Story of Barry Green’s Innovative Teaching Method

Barry Green’s career as a driving instructor spans five years, and he boasts a staggering 34 years of personal driving experience. He’s not new to the road, and his wealth of experience offers potential students an invaluable learning opportunity. His earlier professional background in Project Management instills a sense of punctuality, precision, and budget efficiency in his teaching style.

In today’s scenario, where driving tests have to be booked well in advance, Barry uses his Project Management skills to manage this process meticulously. He develops a robust learning plan for each student, ensuring that they’re adequately prepared in time for the test.

Barry’s strong communication skills, honed during his previous role, facilitate clear, effective communication with his students and their parents. He consistently updates them about the students’ progress, keeps them informed about the learning plan, and works closely with them to manage their expectations. This proactive approach helps students and their parents to better understand the learning curve and be more involved in the learning process.

Moreover, Barry’s versatility is evident as he’s trained a range of students, including beginners, transfer students from other instructors, and individuals looking to change licenses from other countries. A staggering number of 193 students have benefited from Barry’s effective teaching methods.

Barry's Approach

Personalised Teaching Approach

Every learner is different, and Barry respects this. His approach focuses on creating a tailored learning environment, factoring in your pace and comfort. He places a special emphasis on supporting learners who may feel apprehensive about driving.

Barry is multilingual, with proficiency in French and Spanish. This can be particularly helpful for learners from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

Barry's Teaching

A Legacy of Teaching

Barry’s passion for teaching isn’t incidental. He comes from a long line of teachers, a lineage that has instilled in him the values of patience, dedication, and a genuine desire to help others learn. This legacy has helped shape Barry’s teaching style, enabling him to continue the tradition of providing meaningful and impactful education to his students.

Areas Barry Covers

Area Coverage and Scheduling

Barry is well-versed with numerous routes, covering areas like Wimbledon, Colliers Wood, Tooting, Streatham, Balham, Clapham, Wandsworth Common, Earlsfield, Putney, and Raynes Park. He ensures that his teaching timetable can accommodate even the busiest schedules.

Barry's Vehicle

Your Safety Comes First

Barry’s instructional vehicle, a Ford Fiesta Titanium Eco Boost 1.0 petrol engine, manual transmission, is equipped with dual controls and maintained in top-notch condition to ensure your safety and comfort during lessons.

Barry is a fully qualified Approved Driving Instructor with additional training from the online Cycle Savvy course. This training enhances his awareness around the behaviours of more vulnerable road users, particularly cyclists.

Success Rate

The Success Of Learning With Barry

Barry’s teaching success is evident in the improving pass rate of his students, which currently stands at an impressive 64%. He applies unique strategies for aiding his students in their test preparation, ensuring that they are well-prepared and confident when the test day comes.

The Personal Side Of Barry

Making Learning Fun and Comfortable

Outside of his professional life, Barry enjoys various activities such as cooking, jogging, watching TV dramas, and listening to music. While these hobbies may seem disconnected from his teaching career, they demonstrate his balanced lifestyle and his ability to relate to his students on a personal level. After all, your driving lessons don’t have to be all about the road rules and techniques; they can also be about getting to know your instructor as a person who is there to support and understand you.

Barry's Teaching

Drive with Confidence: Secure Your Spot with Barry Green Now!

Barry Green is more than just a driving instructor; he is an adept organiser, ensuring that your journey to becoming a confident driver is as smooth and efficient as possible. His strong organisational skills, coupled with his profound experience, translate into an oven-ready solution for those eager to acquire their driving license. His teaching approach is clear, structured, and result-driven, ensuring that every lesson brings you a step closer to your goal. Barry’s track record of delivering successful, confident drivers is testament to his effective, organised methodology.

If you’re seeking an instructor who will handle everything from personalised lessons to test preparations, instilling in you the confidence and skill to ace your driving test, your search ends with Barry Green. With his systematic, organised approach, you’re not just learning to drive; you’re being prepared for success on the road. Don’t wait another day. Jumpstart your journey to becoming an expert driver with a trusted ally guiding you every step of the way.

Book your session with Barry Green today and embrace an organised, effective, and fun approach to learning. Get ready to hit the road with confidence – your journey to becoming a successful driver begins now!

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