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Mustafa Rashid


Toyota Yaris Hybrid



Area(s) Covered

Mitcham – Putney & Roehampton – Streatham – Tooting – Wandsworth – Wimbledon – Raynes Park – Morden

Beat the Odds:
Join the 70% Club with Mustafa Rashid's Proven Techniques!

With 7 fruitful years as a fully qualified driving instructor, Mustafa Rashid has empowered over 100 students to navigate London’s dynamic streets successfully.

Mustafa's Experience


Cracking the Driving Code: Unmatched Experience & Expertise

With 7 fruitful years as a fully qualified driving instructor, Mustafa Rashid has empowered over 100 students to navigate London’s dynamic streets successfully.

His range of students spans from novices to those seeking refresher, motorway and night-time lessons. Mustafa’s specialty lies in guiding learners who’ve been unsuccessful in previous driving test attempts, fostering confidence
and competence in even the most nervous of drivers.

Mustafa's Style

Drive in Style: Mustafa's Superb Teaching

Mustafa’s classroom is a diligently maintained Toyota Yaris hybrid. This automatic transmission vehicle comes with a reverse camera to aid your learning, instilling confidence in mastering those tricky reversing manoeuvres. Recognising the needs of modern parents, Mustafa ensures his vehicle is family-friendly with a child car seat for those who need to bring their toddlers along for the ride.

Mustafa's Approach

Driving Lessons Tailored for You: Discover Mustafa's Unique Approach

At the heart of Mustafa’s success is his adaptable and collaborative teaching style. Whether it’s through verbal explanations, or live demonstrations, Mustafa caters to the unique needs of each student. He pays special attention to creating a relaxed and judgement-free learning space, encouraging steady progress without fear or anxiety.

Mustafa's Background

Unlocking Potential: The Law Graduate Behind the Wheel

Beyond his driving credentials, Mustafa’s background in law enhances his instructional approach. His advanced skills in analysis, evaluation, and diplomacy help to create a personalised learning environment. This well-rounded background aids him in communicating effectively and fostering fast, lasting learning.

Mustafa's Defying Average

Defying Average: Mustafa's Outstanding Pass Rates

Step into the 70% success rate zone with Mustafa. His students aren’t just passing their driving tests; they’re acing them on the first attempt. This impressive record is a testament to Mustafa’s meticulous approach to instruction, stemming from his valuable insights garnered from observing over 150 driving tests.

Mustafa Rashid: More Than Just Your Average Driving Instructor

When Mustafa isn’t busy crafting successful drivers, he immerses himself in a world of knowledge, courtesy of Audible’s personal development books. His quest for self-improvement goes beyond personal growth, influencing his teaching methods and enriching his lessons. This dedication to learning and growth makes every driving lesson with Mustafa an opportunity for comprehensive personal development. With Mustafa Rashid as your guide, it’s not just about passing a test; it’s about truly mastering the art of driving. Buckle up for a journey of growth and success, both on and off the road.

Mustafa's Success Stories