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Shekar Muttiah's Drive-Safe Academy: Learn the Art of Safe Driving and Confidence on the Road!

Shekar’s Toyota Yaris Hybrid-Automatic isn’t just a car – it’s a safe, comfortable, and reliable driving school on wheels, regularly serviced and maintained for your peace of mind.

Shekar's Experience

Professional Introduction

Introducing Shekar Muttiah, a driving instructor par excellence with an impressive 15 years of experience. His approach, grounded in 34 years of personal driving experience, has empowered 650 students to transition from beginners to confident, responsible, and competent drivers.

Shekar's Philosophy

A Salesman Turned Road Safety Advocate: Skills, Competencies & Philosophy

Shekar’s earlier career in sales honed his expertise in understanding body language and engaging in impactful conversation. Translating these invaluable skills to his role as a driving instructor, Shekar now expertly reads his students’ body language, assesses their comfort levels, and employs purposeful conversation to steer their behaviour towards safe driving practices.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced driver, Shekar customises his approach to address your unique needs, fostering your journey from learning to mastering the road. His multilingual proficiency in English, Tamil, and Sinhala enhances this personalised approach, inviting students from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

Shekar's Areas

Expansive Coverage: Geographical Reach & Schedule

Understanding the demands of a busy lifestyle, Shekar offers a schedule as flexible as you need it to be. With his wide-reaching services spanning SW London – from Tooting to Balham, Clapham South, and beyond – he ensures that your driving lessons are conveniently accessible and seamlessly integrated into your daily routine. Morning, afternoon, or evening, weekday or weekend, Shekar’s driving lessons adapt to your schedule, not the other way around.

Shekar's Success

The Drive-Safe Metric: Impressive Success Rate

Shekar’s commitment to excellence is highlighted by the remarkable success rate of his students. Within the span of a year from June 2022 to June 2023, his students have achieved an impressive pass rate of nearly 60%.

This feat not only significantly outperforms the average pass rates in both the UK and London but also symbolises his commitment to nurturing confident and competent drivers.

The Personal Side To Shekar

The Drive-Safe Vehicle: Your Instructional Vehicle

Shekar’s Toyota Yaris Hybrid-Automatic isn’t just a car – it’s a safe, comfortable, and reliable driving school on wheels, regularly serviced and maintained for your peace of mind.

Building Rapport: Connecting Over Shared Interests

An avid sports fan, Shekar often uses this shared interest to foster a rapport with his students, creating a relaxed and friendly learning environment.

Connect with Shekar: Ignite Your Journey Towards Safe Driving

Join the ranks of the 650 safe and skilled drivers that Shekar has guided onto the roads of South London. His unrivalled expertise, honed in sales and applied masterfully to teaching safe driving, makes him the best mentor to navigate you through your journey of learning to drive.

Take the wheel and experience a holistic learning process that’s not just about steering and shifting gears, but truly understanding and embracing the principles of safe driving. With Shekar Muttiah’s Drive-Safe Academy, you’re not only learning to drive, but you’re being sold on the vital importance of road safety.

Get in touch with Shekar today. Embrace the opportunity to become a part of a community of drivers who aren’t merely licensed, but are equipped, confident, and truly sold on the tenets of safe driving. Because with Shekar Muttiah, every driving lesson is a step towards a safer road for everyone.

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