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How To Overtake Safely On Surrey’s Busy Roads

How To Overtake Safely On Surrey’s Busy Roads

Overtaking another vehicle is one of the most nerve-racking manoeuvres that a driver has to perform, especially in built-up or busy areas like Guildford and Kingston upon Thames. The idea of overtaking can be particularly worrying for a new driver, but it is an essential part of life on the road if you don’t want to be stuck in traffic for hours.

The reason overtaking is so dangerous is that it involves you crossing the centre line into oncoming traffic, so it’s essential you perform the manoeuvre correctly.

Here are some tips on how to overtake another vehicle safely when driving in Surrey:

Ask yourself whether you have to overtake

Overtaking is not always essential and if you don’t have to, then why not just wait? Every time you consider overtaking, just ask yourself whether it’s necessary. If you can wait for the next safe passing place, always do so.

Always check the oncoming lane

Always look ahead. If there’s not 100 metres of clear road ahead, don’t even consider overtaking. Likewise, if there is an intersection or a pedestrian crossing ahead, do not overtake until it is safe to do so.

Check your mirrors

A lot of drivers don’t think to check their mirrors and blind spot before overtaking. For all you know, there could also be a driver trying to overtake you.

Change gear

To make the manoeuvre as smooth as possible, you’ll need a bit of extra power, so make sure you change down a gear.

Signal to the drivers behind you

You should signal for three seconds to the drivers behind you so that they know you are attempting the manoeuvre. Don’t stop signalling until the overtaking has been completed.

Keep within the speed limit

If you would have to exceed the speed limit to perform the manoeuvre, see it as a clear indication it is not necessary. Always keep to the limit when overtaking.

Check your blind spot and mirrors once you have overtaken

Once you are past the car that you have overtaken, stay in the oncoming lane until the vehicle you overtook can be seen in your wing mirror.

Signal into the correct lane

Once you have checked your blind spot and mirrors, signal back into the correct lane and pull in safely. Deactivate your signals and continue on your journey.

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