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Only A Quarter of ADI’s Get Top Grade On Standards Checks

With just over 43,000 Approved Driving Instructors on the Approved Driving Instructors (ADI) register those looking for driving instruction have a wide range of instructors and schools to select from.

With just over 43,000 Approved Driving Instructors on the Approved Driving Instructors (ADI) register those looking for driving instruction have a wide range of instructors and schools to select from.

Not every driving instructor is the same

Yet, whilst each of those Approved Driving Instructors will have gone through rigorous testing and standards and will be removed from the register if they fail to meet relevant levels and renew their registration, not every driving instructor is the same.

In fact, the four-yearly renewal check that driving instructors are obliged to take, provides a three way score. Those with unsatisfactory performance during their test will fail and will need to re-take and pass to avoid being removed from the ADI register and ensure you can continue working as an approved driving instructor. Those found to be satisfactory are allowed to stay on the approved driving instructors register and are awarded a Grade B in terms of standards.

Wimbledon Driving School Accreditations

However, if you were looking to learn anything you’d probably want to be learning from the very best in their field no doubt and that is why the ADI checks also provide a Grade A ranking for those who perform above the norm.

The official terminology is “You have shown a high standard of instruction” and as well as staying on the ADI register to perform duties as an approved driving instructor there is the pride in knowing you are at the top of your game.
Our instructors at Wimbledon Driving School all aspire to make Grade A on their ADI checks, that’s just one of the reasons why we are proud of all who work for us and indeed why they are proud to work for us.

According to the latest figures from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency less than a quarter of driving instructors achieved a Grade A on their standards check.

The standards check is more than just a tick box exercise too – the Government want to make sure those teaching new people to drive, fully understand their obligations and that they are also safe drivers themselves.

As part of the check, our driving instructors and those up and down the country, are observed by a Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency examiner who watches the instructor give a normal 1 hour driving lesson to a pupil.

During the check the examiner will look for evidence that the instructor meets the National standards for driver training and mark accordingly.

The marks are awarded across 17 areas of competence that are grouped into 3 categories:
• lesson planning
• risk management
• teaching and learning skills

The 17 areas of competence are listed in the ADI standards check form, which the examiner fills in during the check.

To reach an overall grade, scores for each of the 17 competencies are given from 0 to 3, with 0 being failure to achieve.

The 17 scores are then added up and provide an overall score. 30 points or below means a fail and a need to be re-examined. Those seeking to attain Grade B must get between 31 and 41 overall points to retain their place on the ADI register whilst for a Grade A – like every one of our driving instructors – the points tally cannot be less than 43 points.

A rightly, high-level of points required for Grade A status, which is why we ensure all driving instructors at Wimbledon Driving School aspire to reach that badge of achievement.

Those failing to get a score of 8 or more in the risk management category also become automatic failures, as do those who have their check stopped by the examiner because the instructor has put themselves or someone else in danger.

Safety is of course of utmost concern, especially when teaching other drivers who may soon be ready to go out on the road alone.

Driving LicenceSo whilst every approved driving instructor on the ADI register is competent to drive and competent to teach, there are levels of attainment and ability that should be important to all those looking to embark on driving lessons for the first time.

Whilst your own driving test will be a simple pass or fail, driving is a life skill you will hopefully continue for many years to come so learning from the best at the outset will ensure you are on the best route to success.

Not only success in your driving test but also in your driving life, meaning fewer accidents, less stress and as a result lower insurance and repair bills over the many years you continue driving.

With Wimbledon driving school you know you are being taught by driving instructors who care about their profession, safe in the knowledge of their expertise and competence in teaching you to drive. At Wimbledon driving school we aim to be the best so you can get the best driving tuition by coming to us.

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