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Retaking A Driving Test

If you didn't pass your driving test first time, read on for some tips to help make sure you pass with flying colours the second time around.

Sitting your driving test is one of the most nerve-wracking challenges any of us will ever go through. Sadly, even the best drivers can succumb to nerves and not perform to the best of their ability come test day.

If you didn’t pass your driving test first time, read on for some tips to help make sure you pass with flying colours the second time around.

  1. Don’t give up
    Not succeeding first time around can leave you feeling disappointed and disillusioned and some learners can be put off from attempting the test a second time. If you don’t take the test you will never pass. If you do take the test, you might just succeed. The number of attempts is not important, it’s the fact that you pass one of them which counts.
  2. Anyone can do it
    One determined Brit passed their test on the record-breaking 48th attempt. Determination, practice and persistence really can pay off.
  3. Prepare
    For most people, it pays to leave a little time before retaking the test. There’s no point practising the manoeuvres you’re confident at, but honing your technique for whatever caused you to fail the first time can be a really valuable use of your time.
  4. Keep nerves under control
    It’s natural to be nervous when sitting any kind of test, but some learners suffer with nerves more than others. A heightened state of anxiety is more than just uncomfortable, it can lead you to make silly mistakes which you wouldn’t make under normal circumstances. If you think nerves are the problem, there are natural remedies available which might help you to relax. Speak to your pharmacist to see what’s available.
  5. Stick with your instructor
    After forking out for driving lessons it may be tempting to practice with family or friends before retaking your test. While this will save you money, there is a risk that it may instil bad driving habits so it is always advisable to stick with a fully qualified driving instructor until you pass.

Failing your test first time around isn’t the end of the world. In fact, research has shown that drivers who pass on their second attempt are the safest on the roads. The best pieces of advice are practice, stick with it, and believe in your abilities. After all, your driving instructor wouldn’t suggest you’re ready for your test if they didn’t think you could pass.

Stay positive, and best of luck!

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