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The Benefits of Mock Driving Tests and How to Prepare For Them

Once you have got your provisional driving licence, passed your theory test and had some practical driving lessons, you may be wondering whether you’re ready to book your practical driving test. Your driving instructor will often tell you when they think you’re ready and they can help to prevent you from booking a test date too soon. 

When you have your driving test booked, your instructor will likely recommend that you do a few mock tests before you arrive at the test centre ready to be assessed by an examiner. Mock driving tests are a powerful tool to ease your nerves and prepare you for the real thing. Below we have highlighted some of the biggest benefits of mock tests and put together some useful tips on how to prepare for them effectively. 

What is a Mock Driving Test?

Similarly to a mock theory test, a mock practical test is designed to mimic the actual test you will take to get your full driving licence. These tests are typically conducted by your usual instructor from your driving school and they will include everything that the real test includes, such as ‘show me, tell me’ questions, independent driving and manoeuvres. 

The main aim of a mock driving test is to provide a realistic test environment, helping you to understand what will happen on the day of your real test. It provides a safe space to make mistakes and learn from them, getting valuable feedback in preparation for your official test. 

Why Take a Mock Driving Test?

If your driving instructor offers to provide you with a mock test, there are lots of reasons why you should say yes. You may even do more than one mock driving test to ensure you’re as ready as you can be when you arrive at the test centre on the day of your real test. 

  • Realistic Assessment

The most obvious benefit of a mock driving test is that it provides a realistic assessment of your driving skills. By assessing your driving in the same way an examiner will, your instructor can identify areas where improvement is needed. Knowing your driving weak points will enable your instructor to tailor future lessons to help you learn the skills you need to pass your official test. This will make your preparation much more effective.

  • Reduce Anxiety 

Lots of people feel anxious on the day of their practical driving test and this can hinder their performance. Having a few mock driving tests can help to settle your nerves and remove some of the stress from being assessed. It isn’t uncommon for driving instructors to conduct mock tests on the same routes that examiners use for actual tests as well. So, you may have the chance to become familiar with some of the routes as well as the test format. 

  • Build Confidence

Successfully ‘passing’ a few mock tests can help to boost your confidence when you’re learning to drive. This boost can be just as beneficial as the practical driving experience you gain on your standard lessons. Feeling confident for your official test often leads to better decision-making and improved driving skills. This can increase the likelihood of you passing your driving test the first time. 

  • Test Familiarity

Knowing what to expect on the day of your driving test can be reassuring. Mock tests often include realistic elements, which can help to prepare you for the actual conditions you will face. Your driving instructor won’t provide you with assistance unless you really need it and they will act how your examiner will act, so it won’t be a surprise on the day of your real test. This familiarity can provide comfort when you get to the test centre. 

How to Prepare for a Mock Driving Test

There are a few ways to ensure you’re ready for your first mock driving test, including; 

  • Know Your Theory – It’s a common misconception that once you’ve passed your theory test, you can stop practising this. However, you still need to know things like road rules and signs for your practical test. So, refresh your memory and make sure your theory knowledge is up-to-date. 


  • Regular Practice – There is no substitute for hands-on practice. Make sure you’ve had plenty of driving lessons on different types of roads and in various weather conditions. This will help you become a versatile driver who is prepared for any situation.


  • Take a Pre-Mock Test Review – Before the mock test, it’s a good idea to have a review session where you go over the basics and any specific areas where you feel you might struggle. This will help you go into the test with a clear mind and focused approach.


  • Learn From Your Mistakes – After the mock test, spend time going over any ‘minor’ or ‘major’ faults. Pay attention to the feedback from your driving instructor and take their comments on board. Then, make a plan to work on the areas that need improvement before the next mock test. 

Searching for the Best Driving School in Your Area?

It’s fair to say that mock driving tests are incredibly beneficial for learner drivers and they can have a positive impact on the result of the real driving test. If you haven’t yet had a mock test, it’s worth speaking to your driving instructor about whether they think you’re ready for one. 

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Take a look at our convenient online learning centre to prepare yourself for your theory and practical tests. With our help, you can get your full driving licence in no time.

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