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Don’t Trust Just Anyone – The Essential Requirements For Your Driving Instructor

Finding the right driving instructor is crucial to having a positive learning experience and ultimately passing your test. But with so many options online and on the high street, how do you select someone qualified to get you road-ready? We’ll reveal the key things to check before booking lessons with just any old teacher.  

Approved Driving Instructor Status

The most important thing is verifying your potential instructor holds an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) badge. Only those with ADI status, issued by the Driving Standards Agency after stringent testing, are legally allowed to teach for profit. Always demand to see the badge in person, as unlicensed teachers risk your safety and money. ADIs are subject to annual checks ensuring your instructor maintains high standards.  

Specialist Vehicle Class Qualifications 

While ADI proves general competence, also check their specific qualifications. Do they hold certificates for automatic cars if that’s your preference? Categories like motorbikes require separate endorsements too. Instructors should provide details of all vehicles they’re examined and insured to teach in. Lessons in an improperly insured vehicle could leave you in legal grey areas during training or afterwards. Protect yourself by confirming qualifications match your needs.

Driving Experience 

You want an educator who’s been on the road themselves a while. As the old saying goes, those who can, do, and those who can’t, teach – but not in this case! Instructors with decades of accident-free driving under their belts will have a wealth of experience handling any situation. Similarly, stay away from teachers so new to instructing they’re still learning how to impart knowledge effectively. Ask about your potential instructor’s background to gauge on-road experience and credibility. 

Teaching Style Compatibility 

Not everyone vibes with every learning approach. Discover their preferred methods – do they emphasise motorway drills or residential road etiquette? Theory or just traffic light practice? Pay attention to instinct – if you immediately feel insecure with their style, look elsewhere. Some specialise in nervous students, others in quick learners. Determine what environment best nurtures your needs and skills to flourish. Have a chat to trial rapport before committing.

Student Success Rate

Any professional educator should proudly share their students’ pass rates if they’re superior. Records like these provide a measurable performance evaluation. In contrast, lack of data or unwillingness to disclose could indicate lacklustre results you want to steer clear of. Ask how many pupils pass first time and what percentage return for additional lessons. Higher figures typically mean a better chance of you achieving your licence swiftly! 


Choosing carefully is critical to fostering the optimal learning conditions for acquiring your skills. We hope these qualifications checklists prove useful guidance for selecting the instructor with credentials to guarantee your future freedom on the roads. Happy driving!


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