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The Top 5 Crucial Driving Practices for Learners

Mastering the art of driving can be daunting, but there are several techniques available to guide you through the process. These driving techniques are designed to accelerate your learning and transform you into a skilled and self-assured driver. 

The five techniques highlighted in this blog post are commonly used by driving instructors. However, numerous other methods exist, and your instructor might introduce additional ones or even have their own personalised variations.

When you’re ready for your driving test, the selected route will incorporate a diverse range of roads and junctions. The examiner will keenly observe to ensure you perform all necessary checks throughout the test.

The most effective strategy to ace your test on the first attempt is to internalise these techniques until they become instinctive. Keep reading to learn more.

1. D.S.S.S.M (Door, Seat, Steering, Seatbelt, and Mirrors)

Often referred to as ‘the cockpit check’, this routine is essential every time you prepare to drive. Before you even turn on the ignition, you should ensure you’ve gone through the D.S.S.M checklist:

  • Door: Ensure it’s securely closed. An open door while driving can be a significant hazard.
  • Seat: Adjust your seat so you can comfortably reach all controls and have a clear view of the road.
  • Steering: Ensure it’s in a neutral position and that you have a firm grip.
  • Seat Belt: Always buckle up for safety. It’s not just a legal requirement; it’s a lifesaver.
  • Mirror: Adjust all mirrors to provide the best possible view of the road behind and to the sides. Proper mirror alignment can prevent blind spots and potential accidents.

By following this routine, you ensure a safe and ergonomic driving position, optimising control and visibility for your journey.

2. S.C.A.L.P (Safe, Convenient, and Legal Position)

Many learners find this routine tricky during their driving test. Its primary goal is to ensure you park the car without causing any inconvenience, adhering to legal guidelines, and maintaining safety. Mastering S.C.A.L.P is crucial for passing your test. So, if your instructor emphasises its repeated practise, understand its importance.

3. M.S.P.S.L (Mirror, Signal, Position, Speed and Look)

An evolution of the classic ‘mirror, signal, manoeuvre’ method, M.S.P.S.L is a comprehensive approach to handle various junctions, be it roundabouts, crossroads, or T-junctions.

  • Mirror: Always check your mirrors to be aware of your surroundings.
  • Signal: Indicate your intentions to other road users.
  • Position: Position your vehicle correctly based on your intended action.
  • Speed: Adjust your speed appropriately for the situation.
  • Look: Always be vigilant and observe the road and traffic conditions

4. P.O.M (Prepare, Observe and Move)

A fundamental routine, P.O.M focuses on safely transitioning your car from a stationary position to motion.

  • Prepare: Get the car ready, ensuring it’s in the correct gear.
  • Observe: Scan your surroundings, checking mirrors and blind spots.
  • Move: Once you’ve ascertained it’s safe, smoothly set the car in motion.

Your examiner will be keenly observing your adherence to this routine during the test, ensuring you prioritise safety and control.

5. L.A.D.A (Look, Assess, Decide and Act)

L.A.D.A is a systematic approach, especially when approaching traffic systems like road junctions, pelican crossings, and roundabouts.

  • Look: Keep your eyes on the road, always be alert.
  • Assess: Evaluate the situation, considering other road users and potential hazards.
  • Decide: Make a decision based on your assessment.
  • Act: Execute your decision safely and confidently.

While it might seem challenging initially, with consistent practise, L.A.D.A will become an instinctive part of your driving routine.

By internalising these routines, you not only enhance your driving skills but also significantly boost your chances of passing the driving test with flying colours.

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