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Tips To Improve Your Turning

Driving tips to improve your turning

Always make turns safely, with confidence and awareness of other road users. If you discover you’re turning into the wrong street, don’t hesitate or stop mid-turn.

Complete the turn and then find a way to reconnect safely with the road you left.


Making A Left Turn

  • Check both your rear-view mirror and left wing mirror, as there could be a cyclist passing on your left.
  • Signal early.
  • If there is a bus or long truck ahead of you, make sure they are not turning left from the right lane.
  • Watch for pedestrians and also for vehicles already exiting the road you’re turning into.
  • Watch for oncoming traffic turning right into the same road. You have right of way but they might not have seen you.
  • If turning left at traffic lights, even if you have come to a stop, be sure to check for cyclists overtaking on your left. Also watch for pedestrians crossing with the lights on the street you’re entering.
  • If you are turning left when a bus lane is in effect, if there is no break in the bus lane, you must turn left from the right lane.You may not drive in the bus lane (particularly for London driving.) Be sure to use your indicator and slow down early. Check both your mirrors and blind spot for buses and cyclists.


Making A Right Turn

  • Check both your rear-view mirror and right wing mirror, as someone could be overtaking on your right.
  • Signal early.
  • Check your blind spot for anyone overtaking if moving into the right hand lane of a dual carriageway or into a right turning lane.
  • Always keep your wheels straight while waiting in case you are struck from behind. That way you won’t be pushed out into oncoming traffic.
  • Watch for oncoming vehicles turning left. They have right of way.
  • Watch for pedestrians.
  • If an oncoming vehicle is turning right, try to turn behind it so you have a clear view of the oncoming traffic.
  • At traffic lights, wait in the intersection. Complete your turn on the red if already in the intersection and oncoming traffic has run the orange light. However, if there is a turning arrow, you must wait behind the line until signal is green.
  • Make sure you have plenty of time to turn before oncoming traffic. If in doubt, wait.
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