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We have driving instructors in West Norwood that can help you learn to drive in either an automatic or manual car.

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Learn well, drive well and pass well in West Norwood with Wimbledon Driving School

Learning to drive is often made to feel much more difficult than it should be. Sure, you need to get your head around the car itself, the rules of the road and driving theory, then all those pesky other cars, but if you pick the right driving instructor you can relax, because you’ll be driving like a more sedate version of Lewis Hamilton in no time.

Looking for Driving Lessons in West Norwood (SE27)?

If you’re from the West Norwood area then you’ll want to take lessons within half a mile of Knight’s Hill and the A215. The quieter roads around the West Norwood cemetery are ideal for practising parking, emergency stops and indicating into turns – all key parts of your upcoming driving test.

If you need a driving instructor in West Norwood, the Wimbledon Driving School will make sure you pass quickly, having had thorough training from their highly qualified group of driving instructors.

At Wimbledon Driving School it’s your call which car you want to learn in, too. You can go all out with manual lessons or start with automatic lessons – whichever you find easier.

Lessons can be scheduled to fit your schedule, whether after school, before work or at the weekends – and you decide how many lessons you think you need to get started. Our trusted instructors will advise you when you’re ready to take (and in most cases pass) your test so you’re not only a legal driver, but also a very safe one, too.

The roads around West Norwood are very forgiving for learner drivers and our expert instructors will take you away from the main roads to practise the required manoeuvres that will come up in your test, including hill starts and three point turns.

With many years of experience and a high pass rate, there’s no better driving school to get you off the bus and onto the roads.

Learn from local West Norwood Instructors

You’re one phone call away from the very best driving instructors in West Norwood, from Furneaux Avenue to the Royal Circle, so what are you waiting for?

It’s time to drive yourself to a test pass, and the Wimbledon Driving School has the instructors who will be with you every step of the way.

To hear more about the Wimbledon Driving School’s service in West Norwood, manual and automatic driving lessons and our success rates, just give us a call on 020 3524 7968 and we’ll be able to book you in for your first lesson in no time.

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