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What Makes a Good Driving Instructor?

What Makes a Good Driving Instructor?

With so many driving instructors out there promising ‘expert tuition’ and ‘the cheapest lessons around’, it’s getting harder and harder for the very best to stand out from the crowd. So what should you be looking for in a good driving instructor?


It goes without saying that the vast majority of learner drivers, regardless of their age, are incredibly nervous when getting behind the wheel – whether it’s their first time or if they’ve had a bad experience before.

Well the very best driving instructors, like the team at Wimbledon Driving School, have a wealth of experience and will have worked successfully with even the most petrified of learners. By being patient, positive and friendly, the individual’s confidence on the road is likely to increase significantly, and once it has they can then go on to learn the techniques that will get them to the all important test-standard.


Of course, many driving schools will try and lure learner drivers in with the promise of cheap prices, and the myth that booking blocks of lessons somehow helps them to learn faster.

At Wimbledon Driving School they know this isn’t the case. What they do is offer a wonderfully affordable ‘taster’ lesson – for just £10, you can see if the style of tuition on offer is right for you, giving you a boost of confidence before you shell out £30+.

And there’s no pressure to book blocks of lessons either. The ‘pay as you go’ model works better as you can learn at your own pace, and to a timetable that suits your lifestyle.



Many people would assume – wrongly – that the only qualification their driving instructor should have is a clean driving licence. Well it’s a start, but good driving schools value their instructors and ensure they have achieved the most prestigious accreditation possible.

The senior instructors at the Wimbledon Driving School hold advanced qualifications from the Institute of Advanced Motorists, RoSPA and the Driving Instructors Association, giving their learners complete peace of mind when they’re behind the wheel.


Good driving instructors will have a number of testimonials from satisfied customers available for you to read. This really is the best measure of the quality of a driving instructor – do they practise what they preach?

So this is what the Wimbledon Driving School thinks are the key signs to look for in a good driving instructor, but what do you think?

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