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What Makes Wimbledon Driving School The Right Choice

It takes time to find the right driving school to match your needs. You need an instructor that can teach in a way that suits you and provide the right type of lessons at the right time. Not to mention, you also want to make sure that your lessons are affordable. Wimbledon Driving School is the right choice for you if you’re looking for driving lessons in South West London, Surrey, or Middlesex. Our highly-trained and friendly instructors can give you driving lessons that will get you over the finish line and help you pass your test.

There are multiple excellent reasons to choose us for your driving lessons, including the ones below.

Matching Instructors and Students

We really value the relationship between instructors and students. It’s our opinion that one of the most important factors to help learner drivers pass their test is matching them to an instructor who works for them. Instructors need to be able to adjust their teaching style to suit their students, and students need to feel comfortable with their instructors. One of the ways we make sure this happens is by offering taster sessions. This is the perfect chance to get to know an instructor and see if they’re right for you. We can easily swap your instructor if they’re not quite the best person to teach you.

Learn Your Way

With different types of lessons on offer, we can help you to learn to drive your way. We offer both manual and automatic driving lessons, so you can choose whichever option matches your needs and goals. Getting your manual licence means you won’t be limited in which cars you can drive, but with more automatic cars on the road than ever, an automatic-only licence can be useful too and make learning easier.

You can also choose from different types of courses here at Wimbledon Driving School. Our 5-day intensive driving course is a great option if you want to get on the road as quickly as possible. We also offer a week-long course if you want to practise for a couple more days. By learning in this quick and intense way, you could have a better chance of retaining what you’re taught because you’re not going a week or more without a lesson.

We also offer driving courses for experienced drivers. Maybe you want to refresh your skills, perhaps after not driving for a while, or you’re new to the UK and need to get comfortable on the roads. These courses are suitable for you.

Clear, Low Pricing

Many people have had nightmares with paying for driving lessons, even being left high and dry by instructors who don’t follow through. All of our lessons and courses have clear prices, so you know how much you will pay and what you’ll get. We keep our prices affordable too, so you’re not paying through the nose to get on the road.

Enquire about learning to drive with Wimbledon Driving School today, or book online today to get started.

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