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Which questions do drivers fail on the most during their Theory Test?

The Theory Test is the first gateway learner drivers have to pass through before booking their practical test. It puts your knowledge of The Highway Code to the test, to ensure you know the rules of the road and what to do in any given situation. Currently just under half (49%) of learner drivers do not correctly answer the number of questions to pass – which is 43 out of 50.

But what about experienced drivers?

Aviva recently conducted their own Theory Test Survey – to find out whether qualified, experienced drivers could answer questions from the current theory test. Of the 1000 motorists tested, only 13% passed – but which questions did they struggle with the most?


Top Failed Theory Test Questions % Failed
When is it okay to undertake a vehicle? 73%
In good conditions, what’s the typical stopping distance at 70 mph? 72%
You’re driving down a long, steep hill. You suddenly notice that your brakes aren’t working as well as normal. What’s the usual cause of this? 64%
At a pelican crossing, what must you do when the amber light is flashing? 60%
You take the wrong route and find you’re on a one-way street. What should you do? 58%
Why are these yellow lines painted across the road? 55%
As well as holding a full licence, which of the below options is also a requirement for those supervising learner drivers? 52%

You’re towing a small trailer on a busy three-lane motorway. What must you do if all the lanes are open?



What are the best ways to revise for your Theory Test?

Every learner has their own method of learning The Highway Code for the theory test. We’ve put together this handy guide on how you can get yourself prepped for the big day:

  • Use your brain. A lot is common sense, or simply written versions of things that should be fairly obvious when on the road. You’d be surprised at how many rules you know before you even open the book.
  • Divide and conquer. The Highway Code is for ‘all road users’, so it has to cover everything from cars to bikes and horses. Set yourself the task of looking at a particular section on a particular day, or rules with numbers falling in a particular range. Make a timetable and chip away at the contents gradually.
  • The red bits. If you have a quick flick through, you’ll see ‘MUST’ and ‘MUST NOT’ pop up in bold red a fair bit. These refer to the law, or laws, mentioned after that rule. Obviously, if you don’t stick to them, you could find yourself in a spot of bother. It may be worth starting with the key laws when revising The Highway Code.
  • Practice, practice, practice. Apps and websites can help as well. You could ask a friend or your parents to give you a pop quiz, or use the good old ‘look-cover-write-check’ method. Why not test mum and see what she can remember?
  • Ask your driving instructor. The team here at Wimbledon Driving School are here to help. Your instructor is there to give you guidance on all parts of driving, including the rules of the road. Why not ask your instructor to test you on a few questions during your lesson?

Don’t forget to read our guide on prepping for the Hazard Perception Test. If you’re having difficulty getting your head around a particular rule, or how it works in the real world, get in touch with one of our instructors!

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