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Wimbledon Driving School intensive course get Alex McKenzie his license quickly

Wimbledon Driving School intensive course get Alex McKenzie his license quickly

Wimbledon Driving School intensive course can be the way to go if you need a quick way to get a driving license. Alex McKenzie from Putney passed on Friday 28th March after taking one such course and was very impressed with both the structure of the course and the results of taking the course. The difference between a Wimbledon Driving School Intensive Course and that provided by other suppliers is we believe our course will benefit a greater number of people and because of its tailored and bespoke nature more closely match the requirements of clients than some other courses provided by other schools.

The key to getting the course to benefit a larger number of people is that we run three different courses based on an assessment. Many of our competitors run a one size fits all course of twenty four hours which we believe although of benefit to some people is going to be either too little or too much for others. With the DVSA saying the average person in the UK requires 45 hours of professional lessons and 22 hours of private practice it is hard to see how 24 hours is going to benefit the majority of people. We ourselves feel because of the frequency of lessons there is less time to forget between lessons and therefore a reduction in recap time between lessons. This results in fewer overall lessons needed but twenty four hours still seems too few for the average beginner.

The other problem with these one size fits all courses is that effectively you are saying a person who has been driving for twenty years in the United States Of America is on the same level as someone who is starting from scratch in this country. Another crucial difference is that we believe in our intensive courses and feel they are the most effective way to learn due to the reduction in recap time however we do not then go and negate the positive benefits of this course by making people attend overlong sessions. Many of these pass in five or six days courses will have the attendee in the car for six or more hours. We believe that sitting in front of a computer for six hours can be tiring but as a novice driver dealing with moving and ever changing hazards including children six hours is not just wrong but borders on dangerous. Some courses do provide a break halfway through the day but the candidate is then paying for the instructors lunch hour.

With these considerations in mind we feel that the Wimbledon Driving School intensive course is one of the strongest intensive course programs in South London and we are sure Alex McKenzie would concur.