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3 Tips To Relaxing Before A Driving Test

1. Choose the time and place carefully

To reduce nerves before your driving test, make sure that the environment suits you.

First, research your test centre, including asking friends for advice.

If someone you know has failed or had a bad experience at a centre, it will only increase your dread. In contrast, you will have fewer reasons to worry if you go to the centre expecting the conditions to be good and the examiners to be friendly.

Secondly, don’t book your test at a time you know will be busy or stressful. For example, don’t register for your driving test at the same time that you’re taking other exams.

2. Plan ahead

Make sure that you have every detail under control before going to your driving test.

When you wake up the morning of your test, you should know exactly what you need to do that day.

This includes knowing how to get to the centre and how much time it will take, having all the documents you need prepared, stocking up on food so you can eat a good breakfast, and understanding the structure of the test.

It’s also a good idea to ask a family member or friend to travel to the test with you for moral support.

Planning every detail means that you can give all your concentration to the test itself.

3. Get a good night’s sleep

This is a classic piece of test advice for a reason. Don’t stay up late trying to cram, being tired will cloud your head and dull your instincts.

You have done the work, so let yourself wind down and get an early night. Then when test day dawns you’ll feel refreshed and clear-headed, and your thought processes and reactions will be in peak condition.

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