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How To Parallel Park Like A Pro

Parallel parking is definitely a challenge for first time drivers, with reports that up to 16% of learner drivers feel unconfident with this manoeuvre.

Follow these three top tips for added confidence when attempting to park this way for the first time.

When you are a learner driver, it is important to make sure you choose a space which leaves you plenty of room to manoeuvre into, about two car lengths is ideal.

As you practise and develop your parking skills you will become more comfortable with parking into tighter spots, but for the first time it is best to leave yourself lots of space to ensure you do not come into contact with any other vehicle.

Aligning yourself up with the car you are wishing to park behind is also another key factor in a successful parallel park.

As you begin, drive up parallel next to the car in front, staying at a safe distance of two feet away.

By lining up your vehicle in this way it should help you to gauge the dimensions of the parking space as you continue the manoeuvre.

Remember to use your indicator too (if this is warranted by the presence of other road users) as this will signal to others that you are preparing to park.

As with all elements of driving, the final key tip is to make sure you are aware of what is going on in the street around you.

Before and during reversing into the space, check continuously all the different points around the car to keep an eye on the road.

Check over your other side to monitor how close you are getting to the curb. Once you are almost reversed into the space if you are not already parallel select your driving gear and gently ease forward into the space until the vehicle is straightened up and the manoeuvre completed.

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