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Why 5 Day Intensive Driving Courses Are A Good Idea

Why intensive driving courses are a good idea

Desperate to drive? Why not hit that milestone in double quick time with an intensive driving course? Being able to drive opens up great new horizons and nobody forgets that moment when you can go it alone for the very first time. It may even be an essential skill if your work or circumstances dictate.

So if this is you, an intensive course might be just the right thing and could get you mobile within a week. Here are 5 reasons why it could be a great choice.

1. If you have already passed your theory test and have some initial driving experience, an intensive course will turn these basics into competent skills. You’ll be driving for around 5 hours per day, constantly being challenged to put knowledge into practice. There’s no time to forget what you’ve learnt or to lose interest.

2. Learning a practical skill lends itself to repeated practice. Being completely single minded maintains the momentum of your learning and drills the new habits you need to feel confident.

3. You know the financial outlay from the beginning. Learning to drive week by week can really drag on. In the early weeks you’re full of enthusiasm and excited about getting behind the wheel. With only one lesson a week and limited practice, however, commitment may start to flag and the initial budget for lessons is quickly used up.

4. Driving schools who offer intensive courses are completely dedicated to getting you through the test system. They know exactly who to deal with at the test centre, can regularly get cancellation appointments and will make sure you get a test booked for when you need it.

5. If your job depends on driving, then money talks. You can’t afford to let opportunities slip, so bite the bullet and go for it.

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