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Driving tutor Streatham helps Roger Carnegie pass his test

A good driving tutor Streatham can be very helpful in learning all of the correct rules and procedures when navigating the streets in London and passing driving exams. Roger carnegie found the help of his mentor Szabi Peimli invaluable in getting his license. Szabi was able to point out the exact faults and pitfalls that occur on test but almost more importantly he was able to increase Rogers awareness of hazards and make Rogers driving more smooth and planned. Developing early planning skills can mean that you are off the gas and losing speed way before a red light and therefore you may be able to continue without the car coming to a dead stop. Also driving is likely to be far smoother and less jerky if hazards are anticipated and planned for. This type of eco-friendly driving is also the kind of driving DVSA examiners are looking for as well. When driving in busy urban streets it is important to look in three areas to maximise the potential for dealing with hazards early. We should be looking in the near, middle and far distance. The expression is often said that the driver with advanced planning skills has their “eyes on main beam.” As they drive down congested streets it is important to be looking out for pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers and to try to figure out what they are going to do before they do it. A good driving tutor Streatham asks the learner to look OUT. This stands for Over, Under and Through. So we are prepared to see over cars for heads, under cars for feet and through cars for bodies. Thinking in this way means the driver is ready to deal with any situations that could develop into a problem. The good driving tutor Streatham teaches the learner not just to pass the test but to be equipped with the thought processes that will keep them out of harms way when they are driving on their own after passing also.

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