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What Do Driving Test Examiners Look For?

What do driving test examiners look for? Despite the rumour that examiners are humourless robots, in reality, they are just humans. However, they have expectations and standards.

They have a checklist of criteria and a list of skills that the candidate needs to demonstrate. It is important to consider what the driving test examiner might be looking for before embarking on your test.

Look the part

Success in a driving test opens the door to freedom, new job opportunities and a new world. It is important to treat it with the seriousness it deserves. Dressing appropriately in smart casual clothing with decent shoes tells the examiner you are ready.

Having all the relevant documents to hand shows organisation and efficiency. First impressions count!

Safety counts

The main objective of a driving test is to prove you will be road safe. All parts of the test lead towards this.

The examiner can use discretion and judgement on some points, while others are non-negotiable. Run a red light: fail the test!

You can chat with your examiner, but make sure that chatter does not become a distraction. Do not become so animated that your hands leave the wheel and your eyes face the examiner!

Show your skills

Along with safety, you need to demonstrate your skills. If someone pulls out on you suddenly, cursing and cussing will not earn your examiner’s respect.

Instead, the examiner will see a future road rage driver. Retaining your calm and avoiding the hazard shows your skill and readiness for the road.

Be confident, not hesitant

Driving too slow and being too hesitant doesn’t show that you are safe. It could seem that you cannot handle your car, or that you are simply not experienced enough to be alone on the road. Confidence makes the examiner feel you are ready to drive on your own.

Overconfidence has the same result as hesitation. Be the driver that you would want to share the road with.

Pass or fail

If it’s a fail, don’t despair. Say a simple thanks and reapply when you’re ready.

If it’s a pass, let the examiner finish fully before you update social media! And remember, when you are 24 plus and have been driving for 4 years with no more than 3 points, you too can be the driving test examiner that you once dreaded.

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