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Are Driving Test Examiners Strict?

By the time it comes round to their driving test, many pupils have a fear of the driving test examiner of nightmarish proportions.

They have visions of a stern, serious and terrifying individual that will mark them down for the smallest error, that will be rude and mean and that will give them a fail certificate with a smug smile on their face. The truth, however, is that most examiners (we can’t promise there aren’t some mean ones) are trained to deal with pupils in a polite, professional and clear manner at all times.

What to expect from your driving test examiner on test day

To help put you at ease and prepare you to face your examiner, we’ve put a little checklist together detailing what the examiner will do before you take the wheel and while you are driving.

  • Introduce themselves to you and ask you to sign the car insurance declaration document
  • Conduct a vision test
  • Ask you a set of Show Me Tell Me questions
  • Assess your ability to drive a vehicle independently
  • Request you to carry out a manoeuvre
  • Possibly ask you to perform an emergency stop
  • Assess your ability to keep good control of the vehicle, drive safely and effectively observe road systems, road types and conditions, etc.


Driving instructors – are they really that bad?

Did you know that years ago, retired policemen filled the role of the driving test examiner?

Back then, policemen were known for having a cold and stern demeanour, and so perhaps this is one of the reasons why driving test examiners get such bad press today.

Just remember, driving test examiners are real people too. In fact, anybody that has continuously held a UK or EU driving licence for a minimum of four years can make an application to become a driving test examiner. Driving test examiners today are also required to undergo a four-week training course.

Part of this course is focused on the customer – that’s you.

Final thoughts

Don’t give yourself more to worry about before your test by filling your head with dark thoughts about your examiner.

Just remember they are normal people like you, that they are only there to evaluate your driving and despite what you might hear, they are on your side.

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