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What Questions Will I Be Asked During My Driving Test?

The rules surrounding the UK driving test are constantly changing, making it increasingly difficult to know exactly what will be expected of you during your test. Many learner drivers wonder if they will be asked any questions during the test. The answer to this is yes.

Below we explore in more detail what you will be asked.

Show me and then tell me

During your driving test you will be asked two types of questions. One will be a ‘tell me’ question, the other a ‘show me’ question. The tell me question is usually asked at the beginning of your test, while the show me question is asked at some point while driving.

What type of tell me questions can be asked?

There are various questions that can be asked by the test instructor. These questions may involve your understanding of the braking system, tyre pressure, and how you should check the level of brake fluid. You won’t be told the question beforehand, but you can prepare by reading the questions that they may ask you. Below we give some examples.

How would you check the brakes before driving?

Always test the brakes before you set off. The car shouldn’t veer to the side and the brakes shouldn’t feel slack or spongy.

How do you know your car’s recommended tyre pressure and how would you check the tyre pressure?

The manufacturer’s guide will state tyre pressure. Using a tyre pressure gauge, check the tyres’ pressure while cold.

How do you check that the tail lights and headlights are working correctly?

Turn on the ignition and operate the light switch. You would then need to walk around the vehicle to visibly check the lights (although you don’t need to physically do this.)

Examples of show me questions

These are similar questions, but you need to show the test instructor your knowledge in practice. Examples include the following, all of which will begin when you feel ready and safe to show the instructor.

  • Can you show me how you operate the car horn?
  • Can you show me how you’d wash the rear windscreen?
  • Can you demonstrate how to open the rear window?

The main thing to remember is not to panic. Practice answering the above test questions to gain confidence before you take your test.

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