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6 Top Tips For Acing Your Theory Test

Learning to drive can be challenging and at times a little daunting. One part of being a learner that can really play on your mind is the theory test.

If you are currently studying for your theory test, the below tips will help make acing it that bit easier.

1 Smash the multiple choice bits

A big part of the theory test is the multiple choice section you will face. Being able to nail this is key to passing it. To help with this, effective preparation is your best friend. It is advisable to have a copy of the Highway Code along with other books like Driving: The Essential Skills and Know Your Traffic Signs. These 3 books are what this section is based on so studying them makes sense.

2 Make sure to cover the basics

As noted above, a lot of the stress can be taken out of your theory test with proper planning. This is particularly relevant to getting the basics right around when and where the test is. Make sure you know where the test centre is and that you set off in good time to arrive 30 minutes before the test begins. It is also key to make sure your provisional licence is with you to show staff there.

3 Don’t rush it

As the test is timed, the temptation is to rush through it as fast as you can. This is a mistake though and will only lead to poorly thought out answers and errors. As long as you focus, there is plenty of time without rushing.

The multiple choice section, for example, gives you 57 minutes to complete 50 questions. It is also worth remembering that you can mark any questions you get stuck on to go back to later.

Get ready for the hazard perception

Another important part of your theory test will be hazard perception. This will usually take place after you have done your multiple choice questions – don’t worry, you can have a few minutes break in-between if required! A great idea to ace your theory test is revising for this with online clips.

These give you an idea of what to expect on the day, so you don’t freak out.

5 Don’t crumble

Despite prepping well and doing your best, you may fail your theory test. If this happens, stay strong and do not get too down. You should instead use this as motivation to do better next time and ace it then.

It is best to speak with your instructor to see where they feel you might have gone wrong, as the official printout from the test centre does not tell you!

6 Take a look in the mirror

The general guide on studying for your theory test says that 20 hours of revision should be completed at least before sitting it.

To ace your test, you must put the hard graft in that will help you pass. If you don’t, then you are only preparing to fail.

Pass your theory test with flying colours

If you are currently getting ready for your driving theory test, the above gives some great tips on how to smash it.

Most of the secret lies in proper preparation and putting the hours in when revising. If you do this and keep calm, there is nothing to fear.

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