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7 Driving Tips To Help You Pass Your Test

Taking your driving test is a big landmark in anyone’s life. Being able to pass your test and gain the freedom and independence that driving affords you can be life-changing. But as with anything you are learning, you want to make sure you are giving yourself the best chance of passing your test during your lessons.

This post has 7 driving test tips to help you pass your test as soon as possible.

  1. Find The Right Instructor

The best start to your driving experience is about making sure you find the right driving instructor for your needs. Learning to drive safely is a huge responsibility, and to help you learn efficiently and safely, you want to learn with an instructor who can work with you to help you learn the best way for you.

  1. Don’t Rush

Take your instructors lead when it comes to booking your driving test. Try not to pre-empt when you will be ready and allow your instructor to guide you through booking your driving test when they think you are ready.

  1. Practise Mock Test Routes

One of the best driving test tips to take on board is to practise the known driving test routes to familiarise yourself with the types of conditions and scenarios you could potentially expect. Most instructors will do at least one mock test run through, but you can request another one if you feel nervous or unprepared.

  1. Learn the “Show Me, Tell Me” Questions

There are 14 “tell me” questions and 7 “show me” ones you will need to learn to be ready for which ones you are presented with on the day of your test. Practise them often and make sure you are confident in your ability to answer them correctly. While this may seem daunting, you will need to prove you know the basic functions of your car to pass your test and allow you to drive safely.

  1. Preparation is Key

The night before your test, make sure you get enough sleep and are well-rested, ready for your test. Book a lesson before your test and make sure you arrive at the test centre with time to spare before your test to avoid rushing and reduce the likelihood of mistakes due to poor timekeeping.

  1. Use Your Instructors Car

You learnt to drive in your instructor’s car, and it is likely you feel comfortable in the car and know where everything is to allow you to drive safely in different conditions. Today is not the day to try to pass your test in a car you are unfamiliar with; the uncertainty will likely be detrimental to your test experience.

How to Become a Driving Instructor

  1. Have Your Paperwork Ready

Do you know how many tests are cancelled on the day due to learners not having the correct paperwork with them? There are literally thousands each year. Don’t be one of them. Plus, £62 is a lot of money to waste as you do not get a refund. You will need your driving license and your theory test pass certificate. This is one of the most important driving test tips as, without these, your test will not go ahead.

Remember, stay calm, ask your examiner to repeat anything you need them to and don’t panic; draw on your driving experience from lessons to help you remain focused during your test.

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